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Ditch The Red Lip!

Walking through the beauty aisle in the drug store, restocking on some needed essentials I’m immediately met with this overwhelming spectacle of red and pink teddy bears. Turn the corner, chocolates in big red boxes and on the opposite side a massive wall of red theme colored cards.  I started to think  tis another holiday for red lipstick” and rolled my eyes just a little.

Now let me make two things very clear, I enjoy everything about Valentine’s Day and I love a classic red lip, anytime any day.  However (insert long dramatic pause), how often do we go to that particular scarlet shade for date night, during the holiday season, to do laundry, go to the grocery store or during sessions at the gym? (Or is this just me?) Let’s ditch the red lip this Valentine’s Day.

One lip shade that has made a statement over the last two years or so has come in hues of purple.  The night this majestic color captivated the world was the night of the 2014 Met Gala, where Joan Smalls graced the red carpet wearing a stunning Vera Wang gown (she was the designers date that night), bronze skin and this enticing purple shade of lipstick.  Joan reminded me of a modern day Aphrodite that night.  The purple lip shade, crafted by professional makeup artist Sir John B and Joan herself, a statement on it’s own, compliments Smalls glowing skin tone effortlessly. Joan’s flowing gown and fishtail braid completes this modern goddesses look.

Photo Credit: The Coveteur

Photo Credit: The Coveteur

Since, we have seen tons of celebrities hit the red carpet, give interviews and even host events in royal hues of purple.  Urban Decay makeup artist Shani Rich and Sephora Senior Artist Johan Castro weigh in on their favorite purple lip shades for all skin tones and ages, and how to wear them so you to can have your goddess moment.

What is your go-to purple lipstick?

“My go to purple lip color for all skin tones would have to be “ Matte After Dark” by Urban Decay” exclaims Shani Rich.  “It looks great on everyone and is good to wear all year round”.  “Try L.U.V by Kat Von D (one of my personal favorites) it is long lasting and looks great on every skin tone, especially if you’re hesitant on trying a full on purple lipstick.  This shade has a little fuchsia balancing it out perfectly.” suggest Johan.

On women of brown and deeper skin tones …

“A great shade for women of deeper skin tones would be “ZIPPER” liquid matte by Colourpop Cosmetics.  With this lip color I have to say less makeup is more.  The complexion should be clean with seamless foundation and contour application, and subtle highlight.  You don’t want to do to much as this lip color is bold and will stand out on it’s on.  Also, I would avoid matching the eye shadow with the lip.  That is a no-go and looks like way too much makeup.  Simplicity is key, especially when trying to achieve a flawless makeup application with deeper skin tones.” – Shani Rich

On women of light to medium skin tones …

“A great shade from women of light to medium skin tones is Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense 15.  This bold color is the perfect shade of purple. It won’t make your complexion appear washed out or as if you were about to relive your gothic teenage years.  The iridescence finish gives your entire complexion this subtle glow to it.  When wearing this shade make sure to apply tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation to even out any redness in the skin, and play off that subtle glow from the lip color.  Avoid wearing heavy blush and opt for a bronzer or subtle highlight”. –Johan Castro

For our tweens …

I believe teenagers should wear lipgloss or very sheer lipsticks nothing too bold. Lipgloss is very age appropriate and still FUN! Like Sephora’s “ Sweet Mauve Sparkling” Ultra Shine Lipgloss “ says Shani.  As for Johan “For the younger readers tinted lip balms are great. Gives you a hint on color and conditions the lips”.  “Try Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balms in “Voluptuous Violet”.

Before you reach for your favorite red lip this Valentine’s Day season, ask yourself, how many times will I wear this again, this month alone?  Try these recommendations from the pros, make a statement like Joan and feel like a goddess during these days of love.  Seriously who doesn’t want to feel like and exude the aura of a goddess?

-Autumn Johnson


Clear the Clutter!

How crazy is the world in which we live? Every time you log onto Facebook or check your news outlets, something in this dynamic world is changing.  As you begin to mature and identify with who you truly are, it is important you don’t allow irrelevance to deter you and create imbalance in your life. The things we see and hear on television or the radio or at the mall can become a part of us—even when we are not trying to absorb the energy. Think about it. Have you ever been in a great mood and then get around your girlfriend, who is having boyfriend issues, and instantly feel the negative energy she’s emitting? Before you know it, your day has taken a turn for the worst and you just broke up with your boyfriend who doesn’t even exist. This is a prime example of unsolicited, negative energy being transferred from one party to another. I never knew the importance of maintaining a healthy energy and a life balance until I experienced some of life’s hardships. It’s unfortunate that I had to deal with negative energy in order to acknowledge the importance of good energy; but I am thankful that once I started to evolve into my purpose I realized that in order for my purpose to be fulfilled, I have to have a healthy spirit and maintain a life balance.


What can you accomplish in a room full of clutter, horrible smells, and loud noise—absolutely nothing. There are too many distractions for you to seriously concentrate. This is exactly how your spirit and life work. When you fill your life with junk like (NOT) reality TV shows and Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page, you begin to distract yourself from things that are actually here to help you to become a better person and redeem increases in your life. Yes, it is fun to check in on Hollywood and get the latest fashion or gossip feed, but these things are not your life. If you allow gossip blogs to have control over you, and you find yourself caring more about people you don’t know than what is going on in your community, it is time for you to open yourself to the endless possibilities of being conscious. It is time for you to gain balance and control of your life.

When I am looking for a sense of calm and direction:  I meditate, I pray, and I recently started to engage in yoga. When people try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they typically forget the spirit is a muscle that must be conditioned as well. When your spirit or inner being is strong and resilient, nonsense will grow irrelevant. It is easier for you to decipher what is important (to you) and what has been placed in your life as a distraction. Engage daily with your inner being through meditation, journaling, yoga, running—any activity that allows you to be alone with yourself and escape your daily routine. Find what works best for you and stick to it.



Sometimes the world is so extremely loud and obnoxious, we couldn’t hear our inner-selves if we wanted to. But being able to mute the intolerable and listen to your inner-self will provide you with the calm and balance your life needs. So find the time to condition your spirit and give yourself a sense of peace nothing else can provide. It will be the beginning to a well balanced, healthy life.

Here’s to health and beauty and everything inside of you. It is the inside that counts!


-Heidi Thomas

Summer Reset!

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What a whirlwind life can send you on! Things are changing in the blink of an eye. One day it’s your freshman year of high school and the next you are applying for college and scholarships. You need a break. It’s time for a reset. Summer is here and everything about you needs to say that you are ready. You’ve been cramped up in the house for months, thanks to little Miss Winter. It is time to get activeand knock off those cobwebs. Enjoy being able to hang outside. Go for walks with your friends, join asummer softball league, or do yoga in the park.  Lucky you, you’re young and your metabolism is in overdrive (compared to what it will be later in life—trust me, I know). It doesn’t take much to tip the scale in your favor. Give yourself 20-30 mins, 3 times a week. That little bit of winter weight will wilt away.

The temperatures are rising and everybody is rocking crop tops, skater skirts, and high waist denim shorts. Don’t get caught with the burger bloat.  As the new season settles upon us, you should also take the time to cleanse your body. A good starting point is to remove the junk food and fried food from your diet. Indulge in seasonal fresh fruits and veggies and fire up the grill for your meats. These are sure ways to get good sources of antioxidants and vitamins while keeping your bad fat intake low.




Two things that collect dust: your wardrobe and your make up brushes. Take the time to clean and organize your closet. Obviously, you want to remove winter’s heavy coats and thigh high boots, but you also want to make sure you give those summer clothes a good wash. Everyday your face sheds dead skin. That dead skin is spread to your make up brushes. If you don’t have a consistent cleaning regimen for your brushes, the new season is a great time to incorporate the habit. You don’t have to buy a fancybrush cleaner; all it takes is a little soap and water. Run the brushes under hot water.  Add your soap,lather, and rinse. Repeat. I highly recommend Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap for a deep, deep clean.

(Tumblr Image)

(Tumblr Image)


You can purge your body, move your muscles, and dust your closet, but the reality is a reset isn’t official until you’ve done something different to satisfy yourself. I am not talking about going for ice cream or hanging with friends—something extraordinary. Take a trip, visit a theme park, or lay on the beach for hours at a time. Doing your different doesn’t have to break the bank, but it does have to be a everlasting memory. Celebrate your life and the fact that you’ve attained goals you set out to achieve.




You deserve it!

Here’s to a good reset, health and beauty!

-Heidi Thomas

Beauty or Beast!


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In this day and age, when you analyze a young woman’s profile picture you will notice her eyebrows are contoured with precision, her bone structure is flawlessly highlighted, and her lips are doused with something vibrant.  Too much? Not enough? How is a girl to know when she has gone too far with makeup?  If you are unfamiliar with makeup application knowing what works best for you and what does not can be difficult. We’ve all witnessed the downfalls of improper makeup application. And let’s be honest, if applied incorrectly a young lady can quickly turn from beauty to beast.

Where do you start? You start with your foundation; and a good foundation for anyone’s face consists of a regular cleansing and moisturizing regimen.Heidi Wash your face with a facial cleanser which suits your skin type. Some people benefit from facial scrubs while others need cream cleansers. It might take some time to determine which type of cleanser works best. However, once you do, you will notice a positive change in the overall appearance of your skin. The right cleanser can minimize or even alleviate acne and breakouts. In my opinion, the best way to know which facial cleanser works best on your skin is to sample different products. Another great way to better understand your skin type and its needs is to visit a dermatologist and have your skin tested. The dermatologist will be able to tell you if your skin is sensitive to certain products or if you’ve developed any skin allergies. Because our bodies change over time, a product that previously generated positive results might become ineffective as you grow older.   Be open to change and know that finding a suitable product is trial and error.

While your facial cleanser is extremely important, it is equally important to invest in a good facial moisturizer. Most facial cleansers are paired with a moisturizer. Don’t skip this product!  A good facial moisturizer is very beneficial. When researching different products, you will notice most moisturizers come equipped with ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera, and/or a degree of sunscreen. The moisturizer will replace the oils and minerals the cleanser has removed. Understand the face is extremely sensitive and needs restoration. The moisturizer will restore your skin’s natural glow and act as a protectant against our air’s most awful pollutants, excess germs, and any makeup you decide to apply.

You do not have to wear mounds of makeup to be considered beautiful or attractive. As a matter of fact, you do not have to wear any makeup at all. But if you choose to enhance your beauty with foundation/powder, mascara, or blush, it is important you know how to apply. Often times, ladies have no idea where to start when it comes to makeup application. Luckily, there are a plethora of YouTube videos that can be used to teach you the unknown. Spend time researching products. Know that every shade is not for every girl. For example, my best friend looks great in peach colored lipstick, while I on the other hand look like a crusty lip clown-not cute! By taking the time to research my skin type and different beauty products I know that nude shades of lipstick don’t compliment my skin tone. If you have extra change (and by change I mean $50) you can visit your nearest MAC counter for a makeover. The cool thing about MAC makeovers is that you can use the $50 makeover fee towards your purchase of whatever products the makeup artist used on your face. Not only can you leave the store looking like fabulous, but you can go home and practice your rendition.

It is not recommended a lady wear makeup for long periods of time or on a day-to-day basis. It is healthiest to take a break from makeup and allow your face “breathing room”. Too much makeup can clog your pores and make for damaged skin. While you want to look great with your make up, you also want to look remarkable without it. But I understand, for some women a day without face decoration is a disaster. So, if you must wear something, choose to keep it light. Apply a little mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss and stun the world with your natural beauty.

Makeup can be a woman’s best friend or her worst nightmare. It can highlight your beauty or transform you into a beast. You must always remember that makeup should be used to simply enhance the beauty that has already been bestowed upon you. While society has taught us to adorn perfectly manicured beauty, life has taught me to admire simplicity and sincerity. As ridiculous as it may sound, a girl can get lost in a MAC makeover. Don’t be that girl. Stay true to yourself and your natural beauty. Know your look and own it because one can do you better than yourself.  So, when the night calls and you get the urge to highlight your gorgeous attributes, add a touch of blush, a dash of eye shadow, and a bit of bronzer. Top it all off with a little lip tint and have yourself a beautiful time.

Until next time ladies, keep a solid foundation, a tube of lip gloss, and enough self awareness to last a life time. Here’s to health and beauty! Always stay true!

-Heidi Thomas

Remix Your Nails!


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It doesn’t matter if you’re laying out on the beach this summer or out around the city,make sure your nails make a statement. Not only throwing fun colors on your nails is the perfect accessory to any outfit but give your nails a remix! Time for some nail art! Check out a couple of easy techniques to have killer nails this summer.

Newspaper Nail Art

Galaxy Nails

Spring Feet!


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April flowers, May showers and then SUMMER TIME! Fun Summer nights, road trips and summer crushes are all the perks of being a teen in these hot months. Before you start your fun and start rocking your cute open toe shoes and flip flops don’t forget about your precious feet. No worries, you still have time to whip them into shape! Check out a couple tips of how to get your feet ready for this summer.


Check it out…

Fierce, Fresh & Fun!


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Hey Beauties!

Spring is almost here! I know, it’s kind of scary how soon it’s approaching. So with that being said, it’s time to get your hands and feet together for the warm weather months! Don’t have the time or the money to dish out to get mani’s and pedi’s every two weeks?? No worries! Check out these vids of how to do fierce nail art at home!