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Toni + Tyanne: Dating Apps?

Being single + dating in college can be tricky already? Now, on top of that add quarantine. *sigh* Sisters Toni + Tyanne Bryce dive into on this episode’s topic on dating + dating apps with C.O.R.E Mag!

Blew It…Bounce Back.


Relationships, Latest | by — April 28, 2020

The relationship between you and your parents is a dynamic one. Although you’re transitioning into a thriving young adult, you still have to be mindful of their rules because they did (and still are) doing a great job raising you. Every once in a while you might get off track and cause some tension, which is normal in any relationship. Whether you forgot to do the chores or got into a huge disagreement, it’s important to find a solution and get back to a better place with them and here’s how:


This is the first thing that should be said after you’ve done something wrong. When you give a profuse apology, it shows that you are being responsible for your actions and that makes your parents feel good. Follow the apology with expressing how much you appreciate them and all they’ve done for you.

Pick Up The Slack

In addition to not having to be reminded to do your own chores, you should help out and other things that need to get done in the house, Even if it’s not necessarily on your to-do list. It would make your parent’s lives a whole lot easier and remind them that you know how to step up when needed.


Doing these things just to get your way isn’t the right motive. You should aim to have consistently reliable behavior all the time. It will deem you more trustworthy in their eyes and could lead to more privileges.

~Tia Banks, Content Editor

Introvert’s Guide To College


Relationships, Latest | by — February 5, 2020

Going off to college to be around unfamiliar faces can be nerve racking. Doing it as an introvert can seem impossible. But don’t fret because even the most introverted person can make a friend with these 3 tips below!


Love For The Clubs| Joining clubs is the easiest way to make new friends during your first semester on campus. You’ll be spending a good amount of time around people with the same interests as you while working together to achieve a common goal

Extra Study Sessions| When there is a huge exam coming up, professors will usually have the teaching assistant lead an extra study session. Go! Even if you feel confident about all the material, a quick review never hurts. Plus, you’ll get a chance to mingle in a smaller setting with other people from your major.

Come + Talk To Me| – If you’re still super nervous, it’s okay. Let people come to you first. Quick tip: Wear something eye-catching like a dope pair of sneakers so people will be inclined to approach you and strike up a conversation about them!

So don’t fret; you’re not the only one.

Tia Banks, Content Editor

Mixed Signals?


Relationships, Latest | by — October 22, 2019


When you’re putting time and effort into a new guy, you want to make sure it’s worth it. Guys can be the biggest culprits of mixed signals and you don’t want to be left wondering whether or not he has feelings for you. Below, we’ve listed four “red flags” to look for. It’s important to remain honest with yourself so that you can avoid wasting your time. Then, you’ll also be ready and available for someone worth it.

He never texts you first|
Initiating a conversation shouldn’t be solely up to you. When a guy wants you, he will say anything just to have your attention. You are most likely not on his mind if he isn’t reaching out to you. Kick him to the curb.

He asks for relationship advice|
Sis, if he is coming to you for relationship advice, you have to throw the whole guy away. If he’s that into you, he’s not going to give you any idea that he doesn’t know something about relationships. He wants to be seen as the ideal man and will usually go to his friends (keyword: friends) if he needs advice.

He doesn’t make an effort to see you|
Talking on the phone and texting is one way to get to know someone, but meeting up in person is even better and if he isn’t trying to do that, then you need to move on. This means that you are not a priority and he isn’t that serious about you. On to the next!

Honestly, you can just tell|
When the vibe is right with someone you can tell. The same goes for when the vibe is off. Our instincts will tell us when something is wrong, which is why you have to listen to your gut even when you don’t want to. You can also tell from body language and your interactions if he’s into you or not. And if he isn’t, just let him go.

~ Tia Banks, Content Editor

Body Type vs. Culture Hype?


Relationships, Latest | by — August 19, 2019



The season has arrived when everyone is doing the most trying to get their bodies right for the summer. Between keto diets, double gym sessions, and going vegan, everyone is obsessed with achieving their body goals. Goals that have been set by our favorite people on TV and Instagram models on our timeline. But what happened to just being healthy? Shouldn’t that be body goals? Here are some ways to embrace your body type and ignore the stereotypes.

You look like me

Hang out with people who also embrace their beautiful body types. They will be encouraging and encircle you with the positive energy you need to feel your best. Following body type trends isn’t their thing.

Just wear it

If there is an outfit that you are in love with, wear it! Although you might not feel like you look perfect in it, fake it ‘til you make it. Your decision to wear that bomb dress or dope crop top will give other girls the confidence to do the same. Not all superheroes wear capes.

Know the background story

Understand this – most people you see in the media who have these “ideal” body types underwent some kind of surgical procedure in order to achieve the look. Not all, but many. This means that no one is born perfect. Keep it all natural. Your 80something year old self will thank you.


~ Tia Banks

Flirt or Scroll! Crush IRL


Relationships, Latest | by — June 19, 2019


“Yes! He liked my bomb selfie I just posted on the gram! I wonder if this means that he likes me too?! Well, he didn’t leave a comment so maybe we’re just friends?”

If you find yourself having conversations similar to this, keep reading to find out how he really feels about you. His actions speak louder than his words and we don’t want you to miss the message he’s trying to send you!


Calls vs Texts|Texts are simple, easy, and convenient. They can also be sent to anyone and interpreted differently. If he takes the time to call you, answer! He likes hearing your voice and is definitely into you!

Laid back vs. Dapper|If he wears his nicest sneakers and has a fresh line up whenever he sees you, it’s a very good sign. He’s trying to impress you. Otherwise, if he comes around you looking a little too “comfortable”, you could be falling into the friend zone.


Focus| Where is his focus when you both are together? Is he looking at his phone and doing other things while listening to you talk or is he fully engaged in your conversation without distractions? This is a major sign. We are glued to our phones constantly and if he takes the time to put the phone on mute for you, he’s a keeper!

Girl Talk vs You Talk| What are they conversations of discussion? Does he talk about other girls that he likes or is talking to? That’s a major sign of being in the friend zone. However, if his conversations are focused around you and what he likes about you, you’re golden!

~Tia Banks

Nope, Next, He Gotta Go.


Relationships, Latest | by — April 24, 2019


Becoming emotionally invested in a relationship can hinder your view of reality. Like they say, love is blind. The person that you think would be the most genuine could actually be hurting you emotionally. A lot of times when you want something to work so badly, you miss all the signs telling you how much of a player they actually are. We’ve all been there, so here are some major signs to look for.

He flirts with other girls

It’s one thing if he flirts with other girls, but to do it in front of you is another story. It’s his way of telling you that he has no respect for you, which means the relationship needs to be over.

 He makes you feel guilty, no apologies

Often times he wants you to do the things he wants. When you don’t comply, he makes you feel guilty about it. He offers no apologies for making you feel bad or anything he does for that matter. He’s got to go.


You don’t hit my line no more/excuses

He’ll promise to call or text you, but time passes and before you know it he’s ghosted you all day. When you finally get a hold on him, He’s got excuse after excuse. This behavior is intolerable and it’s time to break it off.

Double standards

He can hang with the guys for a night out but you can’t hang with the girls? It’s called a double standard, which is detrimental to a relationship. It’s also something you cannot let slide because he shouldn’t be putting restrictions on your life. Time to say goodbye.

~Tia Banks, Content Editor

Prom Meltdown? It’s Handled.


Relationships, Latest | by — March 26, 2019

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Prom is one of the most important and memorable days of your young life. It’s the moment you and your friends have been looking forward to since the first day of senior year. However, the build up to the big day can be stressful because finding the right dress, the right guy, a hairstyle that slays, etc. is a lot of work. The important thing is to start early. That way you can be well prepared and stress free. Below are four reasons it’s important to be an early bird with prom preparation.

The Dress | Finding a dress is the most important thing when it comes to the prom checklist. If you’re able to get that part done early, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor and will save yourself from tons of stress. You’ll also have time to spare in case you need alterations.

The Guy| Securing your date early is another vital key. You want to get him before anyone else does. There’s nothing wrong with asking a guy to prom (or going with your girl squad)!

The Makeup | It’s important that you get a makeup consultation before committing to a look. Getting this done early allows you time to be able to determine your look based on your dress and whatever is trending.

The Ride| This is the most difficult thing to plan, especially when you’re coordinating with a lot of people. Starting early will give everyone plenty of time to get their plans together and pitch in their share for the limo!

~Tia Banks, Content Editor


GALS Day vs. BAE Day!


Relationships, Latest | by — February 13, 2019


It’s that one day a year that people either seriously dread or go all out for. Typically, you spend Valentine’s Day with the girls but this year is different because you have a boyfriend now. Balancing both of these important people that you care about can be difficult and confusing. You don’t want to bail on your friends that you’ve known forever, however, your boo has become a significant part of your life too. What’s a girl to do?? Luckily, we’ve put together three ways to balance both!


Split Up Your Time| Enjoy your afternoon with your friends and spend the evening with your boo. You could even spend the day after Valentine’s Day with your crew because that’s when all the candy goes on sale!

A Token of Appreciation | If you decide to cancel on Gal-entine’s Day this year, giving your friends a small gift might not be a bad idea. They’ll definitely appreciate the thought behind it. A great + chic gift to round up for your crew are beauty sheet-masks from Leaders Cosmetics. Meshing much-needed relaxation + hydrating skin rejuvenation, your girl gang will barely notice that you’re gone! Who doesn’t love to Detox and Chill, right?

Mix and Mingle | Have a Valentine’s Day get-together for everyone. Invite your friends and your boyfriend’s single friends. There could be a match waiting to happen!

~Tia Banks, Content Editor

Boy Bye! Over your Bestie’s BF?


You and your bestie would never be caught without the other. You’ve spent a large portion of your friendship getting into wild shenanigans while making lasting memories. All of a sudden the good times start to slow down significantly. Why? Your bestie is boo’d up! And although you’re happy for her, you cannot stand her new man! What’s a supportive best friend supposed to do?

Keep your FEELINGS out of it| Even though you tell your bestie everything, you don’t have to constantly remind her that you dislike her new bae. The only thing that should matter to you is her happiness.

Check yourself | Ask yourself why you hate your bestie’s BF. Do you not like his character, the way he treats her, or the way her relationship has affected your friendship? Take some time to do some serious reflecting.

Take advice from Frozen and “Let It Go”| Just because your bestie is in a relationship with someone you don’t like, doesn’t mean you have to let that affect your friendship. Yes, you may hang out a little less, but the time you do spend together can still be epic! Just make sure that you continue to be present in your best friend’s life (especially if she needs a shoulder to cry on when they break up).


-Tia Banks, Content Editor