Creating Opportunity to Reach Empowerment (CORE) is a movement to develop a strong and positive foundation for females ages 13 to 21.  Allowing females to understand and maintain a healthy level of self-worth through our digital media and our 501c3 nonprofit with on-campus development.

Our focus is building, supporting & championing the core of each girl in order for them to make confident decisions when it comes to their life (school, friends, career) that don’t stem from insecurity or societal pressures. Our aim is to build from the inside out.

Motto: The CORE of who you are sets the compass of the decisions you will make in life.


C.O.R.E Mag is a teen/college mag covering fashion, beauty, finance, relationships, + current topics in order to unfold + encourage self-worth in girls. It gives them the space to share their authentic selves without judgment to encourage a life of empowerment. 


Ellisa Oyewo: ellisa.oyewo@thecorereader.com (eoyewo@gmail.com)

Eden Oyewo: eden.oyewo@thecorereader.com (edoyewo@gmail.com)