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Makeup MIX: Rhanaé Ami

Scroll through the Makeup Mix of Tampa-based beauty-lover, Rhanaé Ami!

What’s your name + city do you live in?

Rhanaé Ami and currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin + expressing your vibe. What are 2 beauty trends you’re loving this year?

I’ve been loving the more natural look when it comes to eyebrows, it brings more attention to the actual eye look! Another would be bold lip combos with color on deep-skinned black women! Never tried it myself but a pink glossy lip combo has been my favorite to see so far. 

If you had only 15 seconds to grab 3 beauty products, what would they be?

Colourpop’s Feather Brow Pencil, ANY nude gloss I can put my hands on, and short mink lashes! 

Inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate beauty icon OR what inspires your makeup looks + why?

My looks are more inspired by THINGS more than people! Going into the store and seeing something as weird as a colorful shampoo bottle or even maybe a pattern on a dress that’s on a mannequin; can inspire me. I love turning actual items into wearable eye looks. I just love transforming in general. I may not be a fan of colorful pigments in my personal life but I love CREATIVITY and love being able to create something from another piece of art! 

How does your makeup reflect your personal style?

I think the funniest thing about my makeup is that it’s always colorful and bold but my personal style is the exact opposite. I only wear black, white, and grey clothing because I’ve always been the “bigger” girl growing up and always felt better in “mute” clothing! My own apartment has no color, it’s strictly grey and white! I use makeup to explore color on my skin tone but I, unfortunately, haven’t been bold enough to wear the colors on fabric just yet but wish me luck! 

What’s one beauty must-have that lives in your bag?

Colourpop’s Pretty Fresh pressed face powder! It’s like a hidden gem in the makeup world. 

What’s your number 1 beauty rule?

The number one rule is that there isn’t any. There isn’t truly a “correct way” to do makeup, always do what’s best for YOU and your skin. Always do what makes you happy! There’s no rule book or list to follow by. 

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#Freshman5 x Blossom!

Take note of Blossom’s #Freshman5 Must-Knows for your freshman year in college!

Full Name: Blossom Ogechi Egbuonu 

College/University : The University Of Illinois At Chicago

Relationship/Friendship: Don’t be in a hurry to make so many friends. It can be hard adjusting to a new environment but quality of friends over quantity every time! 

Classes/Studying: Going to office hours is such a gold mine. You can get clarity on topics and also build a personal relationship with your professors that could help you get job opportunities in the future. 

Budgeting Money: Implementing self-control when shopping will help to limit impulse buying. 

Time Management: Start your days early so you can maximize your hours during the day. 

Self-care: Take time to treat yourself when you need to because college can be very overwhelming.

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Let’s Go! 4 Steps To Start 2022


Daily Blog, Latest | by — January 5, 2022

The new year is settling in and we are ready to take on 2022! How we start is just as important as how we finish and so we want to start off on a positive foot. In addition to working on your resolutions, here are some things you can do to get your new year underway.

Cleanse | Go into the New Year with a clear mind and a clear body. Cleansing is great for clearing out the toxins from the filling holiday meals and will allow you to get a fresh start on January 1st. TikTok is a great search engine for a simple, healthy cleanse using ingredients from your kitchen. 


Close Loose Ends | Finish that project you started, cut off that toxic guy, and sign up for that extracurricular you’ve been wanting to try. Getting rid of the negative and preparing for the new, is the best way commence 2022 on the right foot.

New Look | There is nothing better than bringing in the freshness of a new year than with a new hair style. Try that blunt cut, add some length or get a fresh set of knotless braids. There is always confidence in a new look and why wouldn’t you bring confidence into the new year?

Vision Board | Create a visual of what you want your year to look like and everything you want to achieve for 2022. A few months in, most people lose sight of their goals and a vision board will always be hanging around as a daily remind of what you want for yourself. 


~Tia Banks, Content Editor

#Freshman5 x Hadassah!


Daily Blog, Latest | by — December 17, 2021


Take note of Hadassah’s #Freshman5 Must-Knows for your freshman year in college!

Full Name: Hadassah Meralus

College/University: Alabama A&M University

Friendship/Relationship: Every school is its own melting pot. You’ll meet people along your journey from everywhere. Networking is essential and can also benefit you with your future endeavors. Just remember to be yourself and always stand out amongst the crowds.

Classes/Studying: Rule No. 1: NEVER struggle in silence! Hit the library or reach out to your professor about the material being taught in class. Take time out daily to study or even join a study group. At a university/college, there are multiple opportunities to receive academic support: academic advising, tutoring, the writing center, online resources, supplemental courses, and subject-specific tutoring.

Budgeting Money: With budgeting money, figure out your responsibilities in terms of your own living needs. From there you can determine how to allocate your funds for each responsibility. Keep in mind, saving your money will always save you the hassle in the near future financially.

Time Management: In college, there’s a weight of independence and responsibility. Grab a planner or calendar to write down important dates and events so that you never miss a beat. Prioritize studying, school work, getting involved on campus, and last but not least, yourself!

Self-care: ALWAYS make time for yourself and remember YOUR PURPOSE. Anything is possible if you believe and stick to it. Whether it’s taking a stroll on the campus’s quad, going shopping or studying in the library, use that time to self reflect and even focus on the big picture, YOU & YOUR PURPOSE.

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Natural In The Age Of BBL…


Health/Beauty, Daily Blog, Latest | by — September 15, 2021

Natural Beauty In The Age Of BBL

Written by Naya Solomon

BBL Problems. BBL Behavior. The BBL Effect. DO any of these phrases ring a bell?

A couple monthss back, a viral video had Twitter in pretty high spirits- the clip showed a line of recent BBL patients looking to board planes as wheelchair passengers. Accompanied by lighthearted tweets from account owner @MuvaofGotti, stating things like, “-it’s 28 wheelchairs coming off this flight from DR and Delta losing their minds-” the internet found it hilarious, ridiculing the seemingly innumerable women lined up like dominoes after subjecting themselves to the same  procedure.

A few others chimed in to express their mild concern, disbelief, and comedic sentiments for the surgeons responsible for making these women’s dreams come true. That following month, another twitter user came forward with a surprising letter from an unnamed Hotel, expressing their inability to accommodate so many post-operative stays.

It seems we as a people have reached an emotional impasse in regards to the BBL(Brazillian Butt Lift) Epidemic that has very clearly taken the country and its impressionable young women by storm. Despite its lighthearted presence online, what goes on beneath the surface is a bit more sinister.

As successful surgical videos circulate online and grace the eyes of young girls, teens, and women trapped in the house and online, we have to wonder what the effect of all this one-sided media will have.

Tiktok has given us “The BBL Effect,” an insanely popular trend started by creator @Antonibumba poking fun at the caricature that is the young woman with a bbl- she’s a socialite that uses apple pay at the deli. She drinks with a straw even though it’s bad for her lip-filler. She needs all her clothes altered. With her lips pursed and hair tossed over her shoulder, she is the moment. See: Kylie Jenner and Stassie Baby types. We see young people of all sorts imitating their favorite bbl-toting baddies.

Antonio’s latest video under the tag very casually addresses the viral tweets, suggests they be safe if planning to undergo the surgery, and almost quickly enough to dismiss it, mentions that the procedure was giving “life threatening vibes,” noting that their aunt died from one only six months prior.

The threat that bbl’s pose on the body is easily overlooked when the culture makes it palatable and popular. Now, no shade to Antonio they’re hilarious and we love and appreciate our black content creators- but this is an excellent example of how something so serious can become trivialized.

“BBL surgery” in the tiktok search bar will show you hundreds of patients documenting their experiences, some as young as nineteen years old- an age at which the body hasn’t finished developing.

So many of us have been online for so long we’ve forgotten how to log off. When faced with other women on social media so frequently, we forget that everything is strategically planned, our bodies are posed, our hair is coiffed, and nothing is ever as it seems. Naturalness isn’t a crime. Our perceptions of what is beautiful and attainable has been skewed by social media stunts and capitalistic endeavors. If lots of people make something popular, society begins to cater to it. As this surgery gained massive popularity, terms like “BBL Fashion” were coined, and it was suddenly easy to see what kinds of stores have always catered to the unattainable looks that wear on our confidence: Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, clothes pulled tightly on mannequins shaped like coke bottles.

It’s painfully easy to fall victim to insecurity when society makes it palatable, but it’s not the only route to take. Perhaps it’s time we looked past our insecurities and at who and what preys on them. There’s nothing wrong with you at all, and there never was.

~ By Naya Solomon

All-Nighters? Think Again…


Twenty four hours. That’s how much time we have in one day to do everything that needs to get done. And sure, that seems like a lot at first, but once you’ve realized how many things you actually need to do, twenty four hours a day just seems insufficient. That being said, a lot of people, myself,  included, focus on knocking tasks off their list and begin to discard items deemed “unimportant” like sleep.


Multiple scientists have stated many times that the minimum amount of sleep needed in order to function correctly is somewhere between seven to nine hours. Now, you may be saying, Well, I have other things to do! Homework to catch up on, and people to talk to; I don’t have seven hours to spare!” But you see, that’s the issue right there. The moment you tell yourself you don’t have the time for it, you start thinking you don’t need it, and that is not true… at all. Sleep is basically what your body uses to recharge, kind of like how you plug in your phone so that it doesn’t die. Much like a phone–or any other piece of technology really–the body begins to shut down or become sluggish when it’s battery starts to shut down. There’s many things that can happen if you don’t get the right amount of sleep. 


It’s very important to sleep, not just because of the effects that it has on your body and mental health now, but because of what it can do to you in the long term. For example, sleep deprivation has been linked to hypertension, heart attacks, and strokes, as well as obesity, diabetes, melancholy, and anxiety. It has also been linked to diminished brain function, memory loss, a weakened immune system, lower fertility rates, and psychiatric illnesses, it can even cause skin problems! On top of this, the risk of being involved in a car accident also increases. You see, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving causes almost 100,000 traffic collisions each year, resulting in more than 1,500 deaths and 70,000 injuries. Sleep is something that, simply put, you absolutely need. Which is why keeping a sleep schedule is so important!


One of the best ways for this to happen is to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day. This might sound hard to do, especially if you’re the kind of person that usually has a very hectic and uneven schedule with classes. But, the easiest solution to this problem is simply to allow yourself to shorten the list of things you have to do in one day. It’s okay to feel stressed or anxious with the amount of things you need to get done, but what isn’t okay is to give up your health because it seems “unimportant”. 

Your health, and sleep, are two things that aren’t worth the bargain.

Teen blogger, Claudia Lopez

On The Trend Of Summer…


Daily Blog, Latest | by — June 13, 2021

Since last summer didn’t go as planned, we are excited to be (safely) outside this summer. Chilling by the pool, get-togethers with friends, day trips, and any outdoor activity is what your summer bucket list should consist of. And while you’re taking a break from your summer reading list, here are some things that will be popping up on your timeline all season. Take notes!

Summer Fashion Trend | Matching two-piece sets will keep you looking on point this season. Whether a pant or skirt set, it will give off a put-together look. Plus, it makes finding an outfit easy. All you need to add are accessories!


Summer Beauty Trend | Grab your edge control because baby hairs are one of the latest beauty trends happening. Whether you like them swooped back in a perfect formation or elaborately decorated around your forehead, just know the key is a perfect wrist motion.


Binge-Worthy Series | Of course, festivities will be going on all summer, but take a rainy Friday night to binge-watch Cruel Summer. This drama-thriller, told over a span of three different years follows a young girl who went missing, but who knows the real story of what actually happened? It will make you crave more.


Music Pick | It’s safe to say Rihanna isn’t putting out music anytime soon so in the meantime take a listen to Dj Khaled’s new album Khaled Khaled. We can always count on Khaled bringing the summer vibes and the best artists on a record to collab. Another one!

Book Pick | Moth to a Flame is the perfect addition to your summer reading list. This fictional drama follows a young girl who is forced to choose between love and loyalty. Like a moth is drawn to a flame, she knows choosing love will be the death of her.

~ Tia Banks, Content Editor

Battery On Low: Recharge!


Daily Blog, Latest | by — December 15, 2020

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By Teen Blogger: Claudia Lopez

I think that we can all agree that this year hasn’t been the greatest. From the presidential elections to the unforgettable pandemic, the last couple of months haven’t been what anyone expected.  Let’s not forget the impactful and life-changing BLM movement, along with issues going on in places like Vienna, Yemen and Tasmania, just to name a few. My point being that with so much going on it’s easy to forget about ourselves. And yes, I’m referring to your mental health. If you were feeling physically ill or broke a bone you would seek out help; the same goes for when you’re feeling mentally drained.

During these hard times, you’ve probably experienced stress, anxiety, fear, and sadness. All can be increased from the events of this year. Surveys show a major increase in the number of U.S. adults who report these same symptoms, compared with surveys before the pandemic.

Now, I’m most definitely not encouraging anyone to self-diagnose but be aware of yourself and habits. If you see that you might need help, seek it! It is so important that we ask for help when we need it. By nurturing your mental health you can also help prevent chronic physical illnesses. So, by caring for your mind you are also caring for your whole body! 

Now, to talk about ways you can make sure you stay mentally fit. One way is to simply find something you enjoy doing! Maybe that’s music, art, a sport or even skating. Invest some time in that hobby, it could help keep your mind off things, blow off some steam, and it can also increase your productivity.

Another way is to surround yourself with good influences and people you can trust. If there are people in your life that you feel have a negative influence, cut ties with them. Now, I know that’s easier said than done, it also sounds a little rude, but it’s better for you if you know who in your life takes a mental toll on you.

You should also learn to know your limits and leave room for mistakes. Many times overachievers put a lot of pressure on themselves to be ‘perfect’ at everything. This might make your work-ethic seem strong but it can also lead to anxiety and stress. Lastly, you want to make sure that you are getting your sleep. I cannot stress this enough! The minimum amount of sleep that you need to be getting is 7-8 hours. If you have trouble sleeping, try relaxing routines (which you can find basically anywhere on the internet) before your designated sleep time. Not getting enough sleep can cause depressive episodes and stress… so get your sleep! 

We need to start practicing self-care both physically and mentally. In the long and short run, your mind will love you. It doesn’t do us any good to not care for our beautiful minds, so let’s do it!  

~ Teen blogger, Claudia Lopez

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Bored + Alone? Find Your Tribe


Daily Blog, Latest | by — November 12, 2020


Finding Relationships During Qarentine…

It feels like quarantine has really taken a toll on our social life, right? It gets a bit boring not to see our fam and friends. However, quarantine is a great time to sit back and think about maybe making new friends or perhaps finding a significant (if you’re ready but make sure you get to know them)! It’s even a good time to reconnect with your old friends or old classmates you’ve wanted to talk to but were too busy.

Now here’s some tips into finding new relationships virtually: 


 You and your friends can create a group chat of  their extended friendship circle. This is a way to get to know each other through your crew.  It can be a bit weird at first but also comfortable because you both have a mutual friend. Even though there aren’t many places to go you can still find time to link up but of course maintain social distancing and wear a mask!


Social media is a huge platform  to connect with your past! Even if you don’t know their social handles you can perhaps find them through other friends profiles, recommended pages or simply ask a friend. Once you find them, you can shoot them a message. I know it’s not a new person but, you guys can start all over again and have a new bond.  It  can be best friends or boyfriend/ girlfriend, you never know!

3. PMOYS (put me on your story):

On snapchat or instagram have a friend put you on their story putting a photo of you  with your user in it.  It seeks a bit more attention in which people will add or follow you. You can get to talk to someone new or just grow your profile. But it helps!



Well there are pros and cons to it there’s apps like Yubo, Spotafriend,Wink and more that are in our age range. Make sure you stay safe and don’t just jump into things, keep alert, get to know each other. Remember,  don’t share your personal information that includes your phone number till you get to know them for awhile. If you guys are ever gonna meet, tell your parents, bring a friend and NOT AT NIGHT! 

Thank you very much for reading all my tips!

Instagram: @itzcaseyyb

Youtube: itzcaseyyb

~ Kiarra Charlemagne, teen blogger

Dark-Skinned + The Makeup World…


The Struggles of Having Dark Skin in the Makeup World

~ By Mariam Sikiru, Teen Blogger

The makeup industry is starting to become diverse, but how much of the makeup industry is changing. Every Year black women spend 7.5 billion dollars on beauty products and that number continues to grow. The beauty industry is valued at $532 billion and In the U.S the cosmetics industry made 93.5 billion dollars in 2019. African Americans have a 1.7 trillion spending power but, have no representation in the fields they spend their money in. In the makeup industry, it’s hard for dark skin women to be able to find makeup that matches them, they often have to mix two shades or use contour as a foundation.

A story that hit home was when an influencer named @okaysophi talked about having to use black eyeshadow or black eyeliner to contour her face for some time. But, after the release of Fenty beauty’s new contour stick called “caviar,” she found her shade of contour and has been using it ever since.

These success stories are made possible due to brands being inclusive and not putting the same three “medium-dark shades” for a group of people who should be boxed into 3 shades. The majority of the time those shades have warm, or orange undertones making it very hard for black women to even use them. It turns their skin ashy and sometimes pale white. Many brands started to become inclusive after the successful launch of Fenty Beauty, starting with 40 Foundation shades and developed 10 more shades. Rihanna set the tone for the makeup industry and many began to follow suit. 

(Nyma Tang,

Some Influencers that shed light on the discrimination and the lack of diversity are Jackie Aina, Nyma Tang, Shanygne is also known as Ya Girl Too Much, and many more people who don’t revise recognition.

Here is a list of 10 Brands that are very inclusive  and have shades for darker skin toned women.

  1. Fenty Beauty
  2. UOMA Beauty
  3. Flesh Beauty 
  4. NARS
  5. Beauty Bakerie

    (Mariam Sikiru, Photo by E.J. White)

  6. Anastasia Beverly Hills
  7. Too Faced
  8. Mac Cosmetics
  9. Elf Cosmetics
  10. Revolution Beauty –

It’s 2020, put your money where your mouth is, don’t spend your money on brands that don’t support you nor the values that you hold. 

~ Mariam Sikiru, Teen Blogger