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Clear the Clutter!

How crazy is the world in which we live? Every time you log onto Facebook or check your news outlets, something in this dynamic world is changing.  As you begin to mature and identify with who you truly are, it is important you don’t allow irrelevance to deter you and create imbalance in your life. The things we see and hear on television or the radio or at the mall can become a part of us—even when we are not trying to absorb the energy. Think about it. Have you ever been in a great mood and then get around your girlfriend, who is having boyfriend issues, and instantly feel the negative energy she’s emitting? Before you know it, your day has taken a turn for the worst and you just broke up with your boyfriend who doesn’t even exist. This is a prime example of unsolicited, negative energy being transferred from one party to another. I never knew the importance of maintaining a healthy energy and a life balance until I experienced some of life’s hardships. It’s unfortunate that I had to deal with negative energy in order to acknowledge the importance of good energy; but I am thankful that once I started to evolve into my purpose I realized that in order for my purpose to be fulfilled, I have to have a healthy spirit and maintain a life balance.


What can you accomplish in a room full of clutter, horrible smells, and loud noise—absolutely nothing. There are too many distractions for you to seriously concentrate. This is exactly how your spirit and life work. When you fill your life with junk like (NOT) reality TV shows and Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page, you begin to distract yourself from things that are actually here to help you to become a better person and redeem increases in your life. Yes, it is fun to check in on Hollywood and get the latest fashion or gossip feed, but these things are not your life. If you allow gossip blogs to have control over you, and you find yourself caring more about people you don’t know than what is going on in your community, it is time for you to open yourself to the endless possibilities of being conscious. It is time for you to gain balance and control of your life.

When I am looking for a sense of calm and direction:  I meditate, I pray, and I recently started to engage in yoga. When people try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they typically forget the spirit is a muscle that must be conditioned as well. When your spirit or inner being is strong and resilient, nonsense will grow irrelevant. It is easier for you to decipher what is important (to you) and what has been placed in your life as a distraction. Engage daily with your inner being through meditation, journaling, yoga, running—any activity that allows you to be alone with yourself and escape your daily routine. Find what works best for you and stick to it.



Sometimes the world is so extremely loud and obnoxious, we couldn’t hear our inner-selves if we wanted to. But being able to mute the intolerable and listen to your inner-self will provide you with the calm and balance your life needs. So find the time to condition your spirit and give yourself a sense of peace nothing else can provide. It will be the beginning to a well balanced, healthy life.

Here’s to health and beauty and everything inside of you. It is the inside that counts!


-Heidi Thomas

…But Don’t Forget Your Spirit!


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When most people think of health and beauty, they think of fitness gyms and facial creams. But there is so much more to being a healthy person. One aspect of a person that is often ignored, when considering a healthy lifestyle, is the spirit. Your spirit or inner self is what will guide you to your greatest destinies in life. It is important this part of you be kept healthy and happy. As crazy as it might sound, your spirit needs to be exercised and conditioned too.

Most often when we hear the word “spirit” we think religion. While most people identify with their spirit through religion or church, there are a number of ways to connect with and exercise your inner self; I personally recommend a daily meditation practice. The art of meditation does not necessarily mean sitting Indian style and chanting “Om” for several hours. This methodology is extremely effective and how I came to learn about mediation, however, meditation is a way of focusing on oneself and being able to connect with your inner spirit or conscious. Whether your “me” time be in front of your computer or laid out on the beach, it is Heidi-300x300important you allow yourself time throughout your day to be consumed with nothing but yourself.

I’ve practiced meditation for the last eight (8) years. It’s not a difficult concept, but you have to be willing to put in the effort. My meditation teacher was giving a lecture to a group of professional, career oriented women who just couldn’t find the time to focus on themselves. They all had excuses- children, meetings, travels- there just wasn’t enough time in the day for them to focus on what needed to be done within their own lives. My meditation teacher told us all in the calmest of voices one could imagine, “…just let go…” It took a while for his response to resonate with me, but I finally understood. There is always a moment in the day where you can let go of everything in your life and simply listen.

You might ask, “Listen to what?” Listen to yourself. Listen to your breath. When thoughts of your to-do list or ways of the world start to enter your mind, push them out and continue to focus on you. Whether it is after school when no one else is at home or right before a game when you are zoned out thinking about a winning play, take any moment you can to just be still and observe your spirit. Don’t allow the practice of meditation and self reflection to scare you. Unlike when you are in the gym working your muscles or at the makeup counter buying beauty products, there is no one else around but you and your God, which is perfect. The moments of solidarity allow you to be honest with yourself about who you are and the life you live. During meditation, the only person who can pass judgment on you is you. The practice is intended to create an inner calm and bring your life a sense of peace and well-being. Every part of you and your life can reflect a healthy lifestyle, but if your inner self is damaged and chaotic nothing else in life will make sense. The most impactful lifestyle changes are those that start from within. Here are a few tips to get you started with your daily meditation practice:

1. Choose a peaceful environment– Ideally, one should be able to practice meditation in the midst of pandemonium. However, to get to such a point takes practice and dedication. As a beginner, it is important you find a quiet, peaceful place where you can hear nothing but your breath. Turn off your TV, log off Facebook, and silence your cell phone.

2. Wear comfortable clothing– It is important you be comfortable during your meditation practice. It is hard enough to sit still and hone in on your inner self, the last thing you need is uncomfortable garments distracting your practice.

3. Decide how long you want to meditate– Set a timer for your meditation practice. The time limit does not have to be anything extreme, a solid 10 minutes a day is a good starting point. As you become more dedicated to your practice, increase your time in 5 minute increments.

4. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes– You don’t want to put your body in a position that is going to be uncomfortable and potentially distract you from your practice. Find a position that suits your body and doesn’t place too much strain on any particular body part. The purpose of closing your eyes is to help you maintain focus. If your eyes are open and wandering the room you are going to be less focused on the practice and more focused on outside variables.

5. Follow your breath– As you enter your meditation practice, focus on your breath and follow the breath as you inhale through your nose. Continue to follow your breath to the pit of your stomach. When you exhale, follow the breath from the pit of your stomach as you release through your mouth. You will follow and listen to your breath the entire time you are in practice. It sometimes helps you focus on your breath if you visualize a peaceful place.

The art and practice of meditation cannot be explained in a 1500 word article. It is truly something you have to learn and understand for yourself. Just as there are no two people who are identical, there are no two spirits or mediation practices which are the same. Each person’s practice is unique to them and their spirit. As with everything in life, you shouldn’t set your goals based on someone else’s lifestyle. Set your goals based on you and what you want to attain. Center your meditation practice on you and the well-being of your inner self.

True beauty is found within. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world with an ugly inner being and everything about you reflects the same. So, take a few moments everyday to get your inner beauty primed and perfect. No amount of make up or designer clothes can change who you are on the inside, only you can change that. Take your time, get comfortable, and breathe. A woman who is confident in her spirit is the most beautiful woman in the world. Until next time ladies, meditate, breathe, and self reflect. As always, I wish each of you a life of true health and beauty!

-Heidi Thomas

Nobody Needs Nobody


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Often times we go through life and think being healthy is all about eating the right things and having enough exercise. However, there is so much more to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The things, people, and relationships we allow in our lives affect our health and overall well being. Sometimes your parents might complain about your friends and how they really wish you wouldn’t hang out with this person or the other; and that is because they realize how the company you keep affects your life.

When I was just a baby, I was introduced to my cousins and told they would be some of my best friends. Twenty-six years later, we are all still going strong. Every one of us is managing our own life and maintaining positive vibes and lifestyles. While I love my cousins, there came a time(s) in my life when I was forced find other friends and make judgment calls as to whether or not those (new) friends were positive influences.Heidi

As a rebellious, know-it-all teenager I made friends based on social status and popularity. I did not care if these friendships were detrimental to my well-being, what concerned me the most was if my new friends smoked cigarettes, could weasel up some liquor, or knew anyone who could put us in contact with the weed man. My priorities were not focused on whether or not my new friends would encourage me to be a better person or offer a shoulder to lean on during difficult times. As a younger woman, I didn’t know that social status and access to drugs and alcohol should/did not define a friendship. As a matter of fact, if there is someone in your life and their only connection to you is parties and/or moments of intoxication, it is very likely this person is not your friend and does not generate a healthy relationship for your life.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Birds of a feather flock together.”? Well, it is so true. You can’t expect your life to be headed down a path of prosperity and joy when you surround yourself with ill accomplished, disconnected people. Part of the reason my life has generated success for me and I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle is because I surround myself with people and relationships that are successful and healthy. No not all of my friends have careers making six figures or run eight miles every day, but they each have a strong faith and value the importance of their own well being and success. Their positive outlooks on life trickle down into our friendships and eventually my own life. When you surround yourself with people who do not care what college they attend or if they get arrested for shoplifting, it is likely that same energy will be transferred into your life. You will then find yourself unconcerned with life’s outcomes and your brightest dreams will soon become lackluster.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, allowing yourself to participate in healthy friendships/relationships is just as important as daily physical activity and a healthy diet. An unhealthy relationship of any sort (friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc) will have negative effects on you and your life. You can’t expect to grow and increase if all you’ve surrounded yourself with are stagnant people. You can’t think that you’ll never become addicted to drugs if all you hang around are drug dealers and dope smokers. You can’t expect to be at the top of your class if every single one of your friends is at the bottom. Know your goals and where you want to be in life. Examine the relationships in your life with a microscope and determine which relationships are healthy and support the dreams and aspirations you have for yourself.

We, as human beings, are supposed to be connected to each other.  Knowing that we need people in our lives is easily understood, but things become most difficult when it is time for us to determine to whom we should be connected. It is only natural for you to want to follow the crowd and hang out with the “cool” kids. No one wants to feel like an outsider, especially during your teenage years. But sometimes what we fail to realize is that what is cool is not always healthy or beneficial for us. Middle and High schools are only a fragment of your life. Do not stress yourself about maintaining a relationship with the captain of the cheerleading squad because she throws the best parties- it is irrelevant. But do stress yourself about maintaining those relationships which encourage you to put your best foot forward and focus on the things that will generate positivity in your life. When your parents tell you they don’t like this person or the next it is not because they want to hurt you or make your life miserable, it is because they know that person and that relationship are not going to be of benefit to you. Listen to your mentors and parents as they try to guide you to healthy relationships. Your connections with the right people will eventually become your connections to your own success.

Start to evaluate your circle. If your friends are unreliable or don’t support you in everything you do, then those friends are not what you need. In life we outgrow people. The thought makes some nervous, but to outgrow someone is great. This means you’re making progress in your life and you are not the same person you once were. So, as you take control of your life and your relationships, seek people who are going to generate positively healthy relationships. Keep your goals and aspirations in the forefront and those who need to be in your life will come and stay.

Find an invaluable relationship, fine tune it, and hold on tight. Do not get caught up in relationships that don’t matter. Until next time ladies, stay humble, focused and always remember to generate peace, love, health and beauty!

-Heidi Thomas


The Quest!

School has started. And if you are anything like I was in grade school, every outfit has to be perfectly coordinated, you cannot wait for Friday night football games, you are anxious to see who shares  your lunch period, and you’re more focused on your crush than your Algebra assignment.  You’ve got the beauty thing down (so you think), but the last thing on your mind is your health.

As a teenage girl I was a socialite, fashion- fused, busy body. While I was very outgoing and highly involved in student organizations, I struggled with self-esteem issues daily. I was heavier than most of my friends. I wasn’t fat, but I didn’t quite look like anyone else in my circle.  The issue wasn’t that I didn’t have time to focus on my health and natural beauty, but it wasn’t important to me. I ate cheeseburgers every other day, cookies when I wanted, and exercised when cheerleading practice required. Who has time for the “grown up” things, right? You’re just a teenager. You have the rest of your life to worry about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Plus, who else around you is focused on their health and maintaining their natural beauty?Heidi

Sustaining your own identity is important as a teenager; but in reality, it is easier to subcomb to peer pressure. A lot of times you fall victim to peer pressure without even knowing you’ve done so. Looking back on my grade school experience, I kept my hair straight (by way of a pressing comb) and made sure my Express jeans didn’t get any larger than a size 8. At the time, I thought this was for me and my personal satisfaction- it wasn’t. I straightened my naturally kinky hair and attempted to disguise my naturally thick, curvy hips because I didn’t want to be any different than those around me. I wanted to stand out enough to be considered my own person, but not enough to be dissimilar.

Different is good!  Different is especially good when it comes to your health and beauty. You are not your best friend or your cousin or your sister. You are who you are. And you should embrace every aspect of you while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It can be hard as a young lady, but the idea is to simply begin the journey of self love. Once you begin to identify who you are, you realize that it takes different things for different people to maintain their individual health and beauty. Not everyone‘s body is contoured to fit into a size 2 pant. Not everyone’s locks are silky straight, long, and flowing.  YOU are the definition of your own beauty. To me, my beauty is ensuring my body, mind, and spirit are healthy and maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle. Yes, I workout six (6) times a week and I recently fit into a size zero (0). I wax my eyebrows and mustache and straighten my hair from time-to-time. I meditate and pray and constantly work on increasing my faith. But everything I do, I do for me…. I do because I love me.  If you don’t love yourself, the rest of the world will forget to love you too!

So, with all of the excitement around the latest trends and best dance parties this school year, don’t forget to care for yourself. Remember to stay encouraged, be true, and sprinkle lots and lots of self love.  In the words of ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus, “It takes more than just a good looking body [to maintain a healthy lifestyle]. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it.” Enjoy The Quest ladies! Until next time, peace, blessings, health and beauty!

-Heidi Thomas

Summer Kick


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Summer is here! Yes, time to get officially excited! Ok, so even though your days and nights are surrounded by warm weather and fun times, don’t forget about your health! Take advantage of the days where you do not have to stand in the cafe line at school. This does no mean gobble down every fast food place you see either. Check out how simple choices can change your entire of day of how you feel and act! Trust me, you’ll thank us later!

Check out a couple healthy snack to keep your mind sharp for….dun dun dun summer school! You may be surprised of what’s number 1

Yeah, It’s here!


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Summer is here! Yes, time to get officially excited! Ok, so even though your days and nights are surrounded by warm weather and fun times, don’t forget about your health! Take advantage of the days where you do not have to stand in the cafe line at school. This does no mean gobble down every fast food place you see either. Check out how simple choices can change your entire of day of how you feel and act! Trust me, you’ll thank us later!

Check out a couple healthy snack to keep your mind sharp for….dun dun dun summer school! You may be surprised of what’s number 1

Summer Fit!


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Summer is here! Yes, time to get officially  excited! Ok, so even though your days and nights are surrounded by warm weather and fun times, don’t forget about your health! Take advantage of the days where you do not have to stand in the cafe line at school. This does no mean gobble down every fast food place you see either. Check out how simple choices can change your entire of day of how you feel and act! Trust me, you’ll thank us later!


Check out a couple healthy snack to keep your mind sharp for….dun dun dun summer school! You may be surprised of what’s number 1

Just Breathe


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Hi Fit Ladies!

From tests to parents to boyfriends, everything and everyone you deal with on a daily basis can have you completely stressed out. Even though you know working out is a huge stress reliever, you just always don’t have the time to squeeze in an hour workout. How about if I told you that all you needed was 5 minutes to relax your entire body?? Well I have the answer…it’s all in your breathing! The phrase “just take a couple deep breaths” is a true statement when it comes to calming down.

Check out these vids on how deep breathing can have you super relaxed before that 2 hour exam…….


-C.O.R.E Fam

Lovely Legs, Anyone?


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Hey Fit Ladies!

So you’re looking outside and it’s snow, sleet and just plain cold out side. The first thing that pops in your head is that it’s too cold to even attempt to workout. Well, no more excuses! Check out a couple of workout tips that you can do in the comfort of your own room! Even though I’m sure motivation is a little hard but just trust me you’ll thank us when Spring arrives. Oh and trust me it’s going to be here sooner thank you think!

check out celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins

Tips for Terrific Thighs!