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Squad Up: CORE Interns!

We bet you can’t find interns doper than ours? From bomb interviews to fresh write-ups, our squad is covering a variety of topics for C.O.R.E mag this summer so stay tuned! Meet our amazing crew from Bela High School in Brooklyn!

CORE Crew Roll Call: Aiyana Lockley, A’Yanna Rouse, Ifeoma Afugbuom, Kiarra Charlemagne, Lynara Richards, Mariam Sikiru, Rosalie Bobbett, Uriah Denham

(Ifeoma Afugbuom + Mariam Sikiru)

What is your dream job and why?

Ifeoma: I want to be an ER Surgeon because I’ve seen how brave they are especially in the times of this pandemic. I also want to be apart of the community that saves lives.

Mariam: I aspire to be an Urban Planner. I want to become an Urban Planner because I want to help people and become more involved in the neighborhood and the building of neighborhoods.

Which hobbies do you enjoy?

Ifeoma: I like singing and dancing to my favorite songs. I love to play sports and be mentally and physically fit.

Mariam: I enjoy knitting, crocheting, photography, exercising,and partaking in commentary of topics that intrigue me.

(Lynara Richards + A’Yanna Rouse)

What are your plans after high school?

Lynara: After high school I will be attending college. I plan to attend nursing school and study to become a Nurse Practitioner specifically in the neonatal department.

A’Yanna: My plans is to go to college and get my master degree in Information Systems and Cybersecurity as double majors. Then get my dream job and save enough money to buy my dream house and car.

Who is your biggest crush?

Lynara: My biggest crush would definitely be Rome Flynn.

A’Yanna: My biggest crush is BTS’s Jin.

(Rosalie Bobbett + Uriah Denham)

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Rosalie: One thing I would change in this world is racism.

Uriah: If I could change one thing about the world it would be racism still existing. Or the cold hearts that people have in the world.

What does empowerment mean to you?

Rosalie: Empowerment means to me is someone of common difference uplifting one another.

Uriah: Empowerment means to me the authority of something. Or power given to someone to do something. But some people take advantage of what empowerment really means. When you have empowerment I feel like this is a chance to lead by example and be an idol for everyone else. Not abuse the purpose of it. It’s a chance for you to change things.

What’s your fave song on repeat right now?

Rosalie: Just Another Part  of Me ~ Michael Jackson

Uriah: Currently, I do not have a favorite song at the moment.

(Aiyana Lockley + Kiarra Charlemagne)

How have you helped someone in your life lately?

Aiyanna: A way that I have helped someone in my life lately was by giving someone who needed a hug a hug.

Kiarra: A way that I have helped someone is by standing up for others and sharing advice.

Who is your role model and why?

Aiyanna: My role model is my mother because she has always pushed me to succeed. She has gone through so much and the fact that she still works hard and never gave up is truly incredible to me. Without her
I feel like I would be so lost and clueless which is why she is my role model.

Kiarra: My role model is myself due to the fact that I imagine myself one day as being successful and not listening  to the others who bring me down/ I will rise above and live the life I always wanted to live!

We warned you, they’re SQUAD GOALS!

C.O.R.E Mag x Teen Tour

So summer is finally here + C.O.R.E Mag is headed on the road to sprinkle a little magic your way! C.O.R.E Mag kicked off our Beautifully Bold summer teen tour to Indianapolis  for our Bold In Self brunch!  Stay tuned will be Chicago on 7/14 and back to NYC on 9/29!

Style Diary x Nzinga Suluki-Bey!

Scroll through the style diary of  Philly based teen style blogger, Nzinga Suluki-Bey:

Style is showing who you are with out having to speak! Name your top 3 trends you’re feeling this season?

My three favorite style pieces are black bottoms, big sweatshirts and gold accent jewelry. In the morning usually only have 30 seconds to decide what to throw on and it’s always black bottoms and one of my favorite sweatshirts. Of course I have been taught to wear earrings and they just always happen to be gold.

What’s your number 1 rule when it comes to style?

I do have to say this was the easiest question because its a mantra of mine. My number one rule is “You wear the clothes. The clothes shouldn’t wear you!” Before fashion, I was just a little girl putting on clothing until I found the meaning of self expression. So now when I dress I always remember that I make the clothing on my body look good.

Getting ready for class can be fun but stressful if you’re in a time crunch, what’s your go-to look if you’re in a rush?
My go-to-look when I’m in a rush is all black jeans, my Miles Culture sweatshirt with a simple t-shirt, gold earrings, my Michael Kors watch and Stan Smith orange and white sneakers. My go-to look is always comfort and simple only when I’m in a rush otherwise I would wear a nice jacket. I always think that people have that one favorite clothing piece and mine in 2018 will be my sweatshirts.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Style is showing who you are without having to speak! Name your top 3 trends you’re feeling this season?
Although I love my sweatshirts with everything that is not my favorite trend this season. I love the amount of breaking the unwritten rules of fashion. I wear white all the time even after labor day. I also wear a lot of jeans that have accent pieces on them which are why I wear and love that fashion trend. Before jeans with accents, I didn’t know what I was missing. Now my jeans have zippers, spray paint, words or patches on them. Now my third and final trend is self expressive clothing. T-shirts that have #blacklivesmatter, sheorthority and black by popular demand. I mean I am obsessed with clothing that shows someones best self.
Style inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate fashion icon + why?

I, Nzinga, love expressing myself. Showing people my voice has never been a problem, but when it comes to showing my style to others it’s always been hard. I have now learned from Kat Graham that it doesn’t matter what people think about what you put on your body because it’s about being true to oneself. My ultimate fashion icon is Kat Graham because she doesn’t have a set style and that drives people crazy. They try and define her as this person that she isn’t and she indulges them with just a taste of who she is. Kat Graham wears 90’s one day and she’s a hippie another. Sometimes she even brings out old trends like bell bottom jeans or women suits on the red carpet. Kat Graham has showed me that when my mother and aunts say I wear tom boyish shoes just smile and say thank you. She has also showed me to spread my wings a little when it comes to ones closet. Without Kat Graham I don’t think I would have started my blog because she became a producer without knowing anything. She started being the face for a nonprofit because she wanted to give back. If any star influenced me it would be her. My ultimate fashion icon is Kat Graham because I see myself in her, it is that simple.

Follow Nzinga’s style here…

Be You


Teen Talk! Maria Miller x Victoria Pannell

Interview + article by Maria Miller

If you’re passionate about something go for it! Don’t let age or what people may think stop you. That’s something I learned from the brilliant Victoria Pannell who has done so much for not only her community, but for people everywhere whether its directly or indirectly. At such a young age she has accomplished so much and she has only gotten started. Tools for Change is a growing organization that will only get bigger especially since it’s in such capable hands. Want to start your own organization? What are you waiting for, go ahead and do it. Want to make a change in your community? It’s possible, I know you can do it. Just remember it doesn’t take a village to make something happen, all it takes is one dedicated person.

What is Tools for Change and what was the reason that you started it?
I started Tools for Change, because you can not tell young people to have hope when all they see is bleakness in their future. They need tools to have a better future. They need state IDs, passports, bank accounts, jobs and financial literacy. They need to learn to use social media as an effective networking tool. They need to know that money for college will be there for them. They need an organization that will supply the necessities to help achieve their goals. This is where Tools For Change comes in.

Please share where you see Tools for Change in the next couple of years.
Because I am getting ready to go to college, I would love to start a chapter wherever I am at. I want Tools For Change to expand into chapters all around the country. I also would like to have my own building.

When did you realize that you wanted to do something for your community and why?
I was the youngest volunteer in a hurricane Katrina relief effort and seeing so many homes destroyed made me realize I wanted to help people in general. I didn’t know in what area I wanted to help in yet, but I knew I wanted to do something for others.

How do you manage your time between Tools for Change, school and all your extracurricular activities?
It’s really hard and I barely get any sleep. The only way I handle all of it is by incorporating everything. I look at everything as the same thing, under the same umbrella which makes things a lot easier. The school I attend is also very socially aware and active so I get to discuss Tools for change with them. And even though I mostly keep to myself, the two or three friends I have help me out with everything. Keeping a calendar, which is a little nerdy, not only helps me remember things, but it also keeps me organized.


Did being on the show Law and Order- SVU bring out any acting passions you might have or was it purely done to bring attention to the issue of sex trafficking?
I’m actually a professional actor since age four and it’s something I really enjoy. I get the opportunity to meet so many people and celebrities. Acting gave me the chance to build my craft, dive into different characters, and it was a great boost to see more of life. And although it’s fun, I have moved away from acting now that I’m older and moving into something I want to pursue in life.

Could you share with us how shutting down Lil Wayne’s music came about?
I work with the Emmett Till foundation and try to keep his name alive by going to schools and telling people his story. Emmett Till had allegedly flirted with a white woman, so her husband and his half brother beat, tortured, and dumped him in a river. Lil Wayne came out with a song comparing the beating of a woman’s female parts to the beating of Emmett till. The Till foundation had reached out to me so I could help them do something since I was young and I could reach out to other young people. Therefore, I reached out Mountain dew through social media and after 24 hours they contacted me with the news that they were suspending the tour he was doing using that same song. I was thanked for my work and received a letter. That day I realized that my voice had power and could make a change. I learned that young people can do whatever they put their minds to and we shouldn’t let others say that we can’t do something.

How did you feel knowing some of Lil Wayne’s followers might verbally attack you?
I didn’t care. I go head first into an issue without caring what people think or how they will feel about it. I knew people who are Lil Wayne’s fan, but I simply didn’t care. I felt that what I was saying was more important than what people might think or them bashing me. I’m going to tell you how I feel without letting others stopping me.


Have you encountered people that have doubted you or believed you to be too young or naive to actually help? If so, how did you deal with it?
Being the youngest member on the community board is a lot of pressure because several of the members have been serving on the board for 10 years or more. They look at me as if I don’t know what I’m doing which is quite frankly pretty intimidating, but I always have to remind myself that I’m here for a reason and a purpose. I know what I’m doing and talking about. I face people who doubt me all the time and the best thing to do is know your worth because people are going bash you and not support you, but you have to support yourself. If you don’t you won’t make it far.


Who is your idol or role model and why?
Even though my mother can get on my nerves, she is most definitely my role model. She has encouraged me to do things and taught me lessons that I will always carry with me. She has taught me to know my worth and value which is so important because a lot of young people let others walk all over them and tell them what they can and can’t do. She always tells me to stand up for myself and my beliefs because people will try to push me down. I learned to stand by people who believe and support me and that I shouldn’t be too quick to trust.

What is something you would tell other young adults who want to help the community like you have but don’t know how to start?
Identify an issue that is important to you and stays on your mind no matter what it is. Then do your research and find out everything you can about your cause. You don’t want others to say “you’re an activist, but don’t know what you’re talking about”. After you have done that, start working with other organizations that support your cause until you decide you want to start an organization yourself. One of the most important things you could do is know the benefits of social media. Used appropriately, it can be your best friend which is why it’s so important to keep your page clean.

Find out more about Tools For Change here!

Love & Found NYC Recap!

Our hearts are still fluttering for all of the support that came pouring out for our Love & Found NYC drive hosted by C.O.R.E Mag & Creative Dreamers on February 18th! On a cool Thursday evening from 6p-10p young professionals came out to create Love Baskets for the teens of the Ali Forney organization. Take a peek into this beautiful night….


Before packing the Love Baskets

Before packing the Love Baskets


Volunteers listening to Bill Torres of Ali Forney

Volunteers listening to Bill Torres of Ali Forney

Bill Torres of Ali Forney

Bill Torres of Ali Forney

Volunteers listening to Bill Torres of ALi Forney Center

Volunteers listening to Bill Torres of Ali Forney Center

Packing up goodies

Packing up goodies

Love notes for the baskets

Love notes for the baskets

Packing it up:)

Packing it up:)

Beautiful volunteers

Beautiful volunteers

Eden  & Ellisa Oyewo, with our awesome  teen C.O.R.E Mag  contributor!

Eden & Ellisa Oyewo, with our awesome teen C.O.R.E Mag contributor, Xandria Remi Milligan!


A BIG Thank YOU to all of the loves who poured out their love!

C.O.R.E Mag + Creative Dreamers want to thank you!

Learn more about Ali Forney at!

C.O.R.E’s Art of War Art Battle!

unnamed2815329-1 (2)

Join us for Art of War Art Battle is a live + fresh fundraiser that raises money for C.O.R.E on-site programs and Creative Dreamer’s youth scholarship. The event exhibits different genres of art in a social networking environment. This year we have 3 fine artists and a DJ battle that will showcase their talents on Thursday, October 15th at the Wyndham Garden Rooftop in Chinatown!


Live Art. DJ Battle. Good Cause. Art of War Art Battle NYC! Join us for C.O.R.E Mag’s fundraiser event!



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Weekend Love!













Happy Weekend, loves!

Tia Takeover!

Ok, so over here at C.O.R.E Mag we absolutely heart our rockstar intern, Tia Banks! Yes, if you saw us we would be chanting “our intern is better than yours”…just saying. Tia is an amazingly talented female who is currently majoring in Public Relations at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA.  She recently returned to the states from her study abroad program last semester!

Take a peek at her awesome trip to Spain, Italy, and France!