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Hitting the SOCIAL scene!

Take a stroll on the social side! In 2017 it’s pretty impossible to not be attached to some sort of social media platform. From friends to your fave brands, it just seems that you’re always missing an update every minute of the day. But remember to create a life that you love IRL and not just online. So let’s hit the social scene!



Reality, much? – So let’s be honest. How many takes did it take for you to get the perfect selfie? I would be surprised if it’s less than 10. No worries, that’s all of us! Even your favorite blogger and celebs (and they have a full makeup + hair crew) take multiple pics in special lighting before hitting the ‘share’ button.  So drop the comparison game of you and others on social media and love your life + who you are each day. Remember, you’re only seeing the best parts of people’s lives which is a small percentage of reality.



Keep It Low-Key– So we admit it’s super fun to share pieces of your life BUT that doesn’t mean you have to share every aspect. Being cool + comfortable is keeping parts of your life mysterious or private. Trust us, it brings peace and less drama. So the next time you think about updating a status about your rotten ex-boyfriend. Think twice. Not everybody needs to know your business and plus he’s not worth one keystroke on your laptop, right?



Give It A Break! – You get holiday break, summer breaks and lunch breaks during your school year, what makes you think you don’t need a social media break too? Okay, don’t completely lose your mind yet. But think about it, you’re surrounded by teachers, parents and friends every day. Don’t you just want to check out to get to your OWN thoughts together for once? Just a little breather for a couple of days can help a ton, especially when prepping for big exam or project.




So be social but start creating an awesome life of your own in real life!

Jaden’s ‘Scarface’

Keep it cool, keep it fresh and express yourself—->

Jaden Smith- Scarface

Fly, Batman!

Oh how prom bings out our inner fashionista or super hero in this case. Cool kid decided to dress as the superhero to attend a high school prom.

Decked out in all white, Jaden pulled out his superhero muscles and long white cape to channel the Caped Crusader for a fun-filled night.

Check it out…










Weekend Love!













Happy Weekend, loves!

Music Rush!


We all need a little music rush in our lives. So take a dose of Jaden Smith’s three new chill tracks named “Beast Mode.” The three tracks are presented as one nine-minute song.

Vibe out…

Tuesday Tunes

Happy Tuesday!

Time to kick off your morning right! Back to back weeks, Jaden Smith is pretty much killin’ it with his new vids!

Jaden Smith – Shakespeare


*Tuesday Tunes*

Good morning girls!

Time to zone out to Jaden Smith’s new song & vid “Hello.”


*Tuesday Tunes*


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Hey Ladies!

Check out Jaden Smith’s new vid for his song “The Coolest”

*Tuesday Tunes*

Good Morning Fly Girls!

Need an energy boost? Time for you to jam out to Jaden Smith’s Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me) for Tuesday Tunes!