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All-Nighters Playlist!

The light at the end of second semester is so close it’s  blinding you!  We’ve put together the ultimate playlist to get you through your last set of  all-nighters.  Hit play + lock in!

Nice For What – Drake
All The Stars – Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA
Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky ft Chris Brown
Look Alive – Bloc Boy JB ft. Drake
Pray for Me – The Weeknd ft Kendrick Lamar
New Freezer – Rich The Kid ft Kendrick Lamar
Chloe x Halle- Money Everywhere


Top Off – DJ Kahled ft Beyonce, Jay-Z, Future
I Do- Cardi B. Feat SZA
Best Life – Cardi B ft Chance The Rapper

You’ll Thank Us Later!

Weekend Fresh!

Campus Crash? Zen Out!

Coming back from spring break + trying to focus on the rest of the semester is the task of the century. That’s not including the laundry list of responsibilities of  being a full-time college student, balancing a part-time gig, a dwindling social life and still trying to  scrape up all the extra-credit in an attempt to hold on to your GPA. Okay, so before you literally throw your hands-up + just pretend all of your responsibilities don’t exist, we have 3 for-sure tips to CREATE YOUR ZEN:

Breathe In, Breathe out + Chat it Out! Just breathe. Instead of stressing yourself with your  infinite to-do list of tasks in your mind, get out of your head. If that means writing out your thoughts or downloading the Talkspace app for a listening ear, it’s important not to drive your anxiety sky-high by bottling up your emotions. Although friends + family are great outlets, oftentimes they’re the ones bringing the most drama. So embracing online therapy can give you fresh energy to your situations.

Cleanse your CREW!– Speaking of friends, some of them you might need to sage. Okay, not literally burn sage everywhere they go, but  take inventory of who’s in your crew + the energy they bring.  Do you have that one friend that every convo is ALWAYS about her? Or the roommate who’s already on academic probation + gives you 10 reasons to skip class every day? Well, this is the time where you need to shower away draining ties in your life. It doesn’t haven’t to be a full announcement, just don’t be as available. They’ll catch the hint.


Spring Space- So as the seasons change so should  your space! Do you need to be the next contestant on Room Makeover? Not necessarily, but a few tweaks here + there can help bring you peace while you’re studying for finals. So clean up all of your ramen noodles bowls and halfway full Starbucks cups. Add some color with fresh flowers + daily inspo quotes. You’re on the home stretch! Breathe, release + make it to the finish line.

You’ll thank us, later!


Study Break!


Only a few more weeks until Christmas break! You got this, loves!

Weekend Fresh!

Fall to Fresh!

Staying fall fresh is key this season! From cute accessories to edgy pieces, autumn style allows you to remix summer trends while giving your look a new twist! Take a glimpse at a few fun fashion picks that your fave celeb style stars are rockin’ this year!

giphy (14)

Bang, Bang!- Pew! Time you pull out the big guns aka hot bangs! Give your look  a wispy and mysterious makeover by just a quick snip, snip to your strands! Plus, they look super cuter under a beanie or wide-brimmed hat.

(Photo Instagram)

(Photo Instagram)

Cap Me Off- Speaking of hats, add them to your wardrobe! Want a casual, cute and cool girl look? Pull out a simple cap to dress down your outfit that makes you look effortlessly fly!

Photo Credit Instagram

Photo Credit Instagram

Button Up- We know flannels are in every girls closet for fall but go the extra mile or should we say button? Less is more and femininity is not baring it all, it’s keeping it chic by your own persoanl style. So this trend is one that you and your parentals may agree on.

unnamed (128)

Photo Credit: Instagram

 Print fresh- Florals + prints aren’t just for spring anymore! Time to bloom into colorful looks this season. Neutrals are chill but knock your ‘winter blues’ with a splash of bold picks.

Photo Credit- Instagram

Photo Credit- Instagram

Eye love it!- We love sunnies (even if there’s no heat that comes with it). Shades are making their way to closets all year long and it’s time to have fun with them! Top off your look by throwing a little extra shade.

Photo Credit Instagram

Photo Credit Instagram



Happy Fashion Finds!



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Be inspired by our two fave creative minds, SZA & Santigold, as they share the importance of being themselves and embracing the importance of art.

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Weekend Steez!










Happy weekend, loves!

Tuesday Tunes!


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Good morning, beautiful girls!

Check out SZA’s chill new vid for ‘Warm Winds’——>

Tuesday Tunes!


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Good morning dope girls!

Start off your Tuesday on a chill tip with SZA’s new song ‘Teen Spirit’——->