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10 Songs To Kick Your Study Break In Gear!

You just chugged a Red Bull but you can’t get pass the 1st sentence of your U.S. History notes. We’ve all been there when our mind and energy level seems to be gliding on EMPTY. Well, well haven’t you heard that music is medicine? And the right dose can get you back on track! Check out 10 songs that we guarantee will kick your study break back into gear!

study mode


1. Cold water- Major Lazor ft. Justin Bieber 


 2. Let me love you – Mario


3. Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheeran 


4. Best thing I Never had – Beyoncé 


5. Hanging up my Jersey – PnB Rock


6. I just wanna – Lucas Coly 


7. Miss Independent – Ne-yo


8. Finesse – Bruno Mars


9. F.U.B.U. – Solange ft. The-Dream and BJ the Chicago Kid 


10.  Chloe and Halle – Red Lights


Study on!


List created by CORE Intern Semhar Solomon

‘Why Don’t You Cry?’

Need a study break? Check out Willow Smith’s new song —-> Why Don’t You Cry?

Take a peek as she takes you on an emotional ride with her creative vision!


Tune or Turn?

It’s Tuesday and you’re back at school! But that’s ok, just turn on some study music to shake off your school blues!

Puff Daddy & The Family Feat. Pharrell Williams – Finna Get Loose—> Tune or Turn?


Jaden’s ‘Scarface’

Keep it cool, keep it fresh and express yourself—->

Jaden Smith- Scarface

Tune or Turn?

Ok, time to perk open your ears and give us your musical expertise! Tell us if you would tune in or turn of this song—>

Jordin Sparks- Right Here Right Now


#TBT Vid Pick!


It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re going back to the mid 90’s and rocking out with superstar songstress Brandy!

We all can relate to this  love song dedicated to our crush, right?  Check out Brandy—-> Sittin’ Up In My Room

Music Mix!

Time for a music pick-me-up with Little Mix – Black Magic—->

Music Rush!


We all need a little music rush in our lives. So take a dose of Jaden Smith’s three new chill tracks named “Beast Mode.” The three tracks are presented as one nine-minute song.

Vibe out…

Meet Sydaiya Rehema!


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Brains, beauty & an undeniable talent to mesh the truth into musical lyrics describes songwriter, artist manager &  director Sydaiya Rehema.  This  renaissance woman calls New York City her home and is using it as her stage to showcase her powerful talent. Even though this ambitious young lady has the vocal chops to become a successful singer, she prefers to work behind the scenes developing thriving artists.

“I’ve never had a real desire to be in front of the camera, or even behind a microphone for that matter,” said Sydaiya. “My place is in the director’s chair. I love to be a part of the creative process.” Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Sydaiya made her way to the world-reonowned Berklee College of Music, where she decided to link both the pragmatic and the creative, as a Music Business Management major. Once she wrote her first song in 2007, she knew she’d found her calling. In 2008, Sydaiya won second place in VH1’s international song writing competition “Song of the Year”. She was awarded for her song “Clock Slow” in the Hip Hop/ R&B category. Not afraid to stay true to herself she states, “I won’t be stupid or dumbed-down,” she said. “I won’t write nonsense. There’s got to be something — some angle, some message — I’m conveying here. It can’t just be notes with mindless words.”

Since graduating from Berklee in 2008 and embarking on her professional songwriting career, Sydaiya has made some key industry connections. Among them is budding r &b/pop songstress Ja’Shayla, who recorded Sydaiya’s song “Lifted,” which was picked up by the radio programming network. Sensing musical chemistry and the potential for collaborative success, Sydaiya moved to New York City and signed on to become Ja’Shayla’s manager and writing partner . Sydaiya has now expanded her brand, under the umbrella term entitled, “Creative Solutions”, which includes artist management, song writing, vocal production, video production, music publishing, project management and modeling.

Let’s get to know  Sydaiya Rehema a little better…


Sydaiya Rehema 2


How did you first dive into your musical career at such a young age?

In the church of course! I was in a gospel choir at about 7 or 8, that was my first experience singing beyond my mothers house while doing saturday chores.

Music is a powerful tool to express yourself, how has it impacted your life?

Generally speaking it is an escape. Thats how Ive always felt. Its a magical vessel that can bring you into a place, out of a place, through a place and back again. Something truly special and supernatural, in terms of the affect it can have on your spirit. Its such a gift. I feel so blessed to be a part of the creation of it.

Where do you see your career in music taking you in the next 5 years?

Ideally, all around the world! We have a team hashtag of #paris & #tokyo because those are real aspirations and goals! I visualize being backstage at a concert venue in Paris watching one of my artists perform a set that I help put together, or a song that I helped write. I fully intend to see this vision through…

We tend to pull characteristics from others in our lives or from people we admire, who inspires you and why?

Musically, first and foremost I’d probably have to say Michael Jackson. He is the epitome of “music-magic” to me. The first time I ever felt something in my spirit ignite was watching/hearing MJ perform. He was absolutely incredible. Outside of music, Id say my parents definitely. They are both creative in their own rights, and helped cultivate my creativity. While grades and education were always a mandatory focus, they still allowed me to grow creatively and otherwise. Always supporting, always encouraging. The combination of the two is probably how I came to now tread the line of business and creative simultaneously.

Sydaiya Rehema 3

What are 3 pieces of advice you would give to girls who want to pursue their dreams in music but are too nervous to start?

I would say to first do your homework. Learn your craft, learn your industry. Understand what the road entails. And if you still cant eat, sleep, breath, or be still without music, then go for it! Find people who believe in you and build a team. Once you have that, you can go anywhere…but support may be the single most important component to have. It can make or break people.

We are all about EMPOWERMENT at C.O.R.E mag, What does empowerment mean to you?

To be empowered means to know yourself, love yourself, honor yourself… Find your truth and hold on to it. Then find your purpose and follow through on it. Always be self sufficient and strive for the best YOU that you can be. Always strive. This type of power cannot be removed. This lives in the C.O.R.E of you.

Fun Faves! Fave Food? Artist? Song? Celeb Crush?

Fav food: Anything with cheese lol

Fav song: Boy thats a loaded question! I couldnt possibly narrow it down to just one…but a few favs are MJ: Liberian Girl, Will You Be There-Lauryn Hill: Tell Him – Anita Baker: I Apologize – Cold Play – Warning Sign – Amy Winehouse: Unholy War – Bob Marley: Waiting In Vain…yes this is how crazily eclectic and obsessed I am with MUSIC!!!

Artist: Umm….Michael Jackson? lol but we knew that!

Celeb Crush: I feel like Denzel Washington is always a safe bet! That man is a fine wine!

Check out more of Sydaiya Rehema here




*Talent Spotlight*

Good morning!

Need some morning music? Check out 17 year old singer/musician, Karen McCormick, as she covers some of today’s hottest songs!