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Second-Hand Style!


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Ok, it’s second semester and you’re saving up for prom or if you’re a senior that means college is right around the corner! Between saving for your spring break or books for school, you still want to have a few extra coins to treat yourself on a mini shopping spree! Well, we have a hidden trick just for you and that’s called thrifting! Before you turn your nose up to the idea plenty of dope musicians, actresses and bloggers find some of their best pieces in the bins of their neighborhood thrift store! Trust us, you can look hot on a budget and no one will ever know if it cost you $2 or $20!  Check out our thrifty tips!




Divide + Conquer- Just breathe. I know when you see racks and racks of clothes that aren’t color coordinated or specifically styled it can make you walk back to your car. Well, fight the urge and divide and conquer. Have what you’re looking for in mind and go section by section. Mentally section off  each part you would like to hunt and start at one section an move on to the next. accessories, shoes, etc.



First Saturdays- First Saturdays aren’t just to kick off the fun of the month but don’t forget the sales too! Majority of thrift stores have half off of all items on the first of the month. Talk about the deal of the century, right!




Be Open-Okay so the store isn’t filled with tons of mannequins with ready to made outfits so you have to be open-minded to pieces. You might not fall in love with a top right away but take a moment and see what you can pair it or style it with. Style is your personal imagination running wild.



Stay dope on a budget!

Fall to Fresh!

Staying fall fresh is key this season! From cute accessories to edgy pieces, autumn style allows you to remix summer trends while giving your look a new twist! Take a glimpse at a few fun fashion picks that your fave celeb style stars are rockin’ this year!

giphy (14)

Bang, Bang!- Pew! Time you pull out the big guns aka hot bangs! Give your look  a wispy and mysterious makeover by just a quick snip, snip to your strands! Plus, they look super cuter under a beanie or wide-brimmed hat.

(Photo Instagram)

(Photo Instagram)

Cap Me Off- Speaking of hats, add them to your wardrobe! Want a casual, cute and cool girl look? Pull out a simple cap to dress down your outfit that makes you look effortlessly fly!

Photo Credit Instagram

Photo Credit Instagram

Button Up- We know flannels are in every girls closet for fall but go the extra mile or should we say button? Less is more and femininity is not baring it all, it’s keeping it chic by your own persoanl style. So this trend is one that you and your parentals may agree on.

unnamed (128)

Photo Credit: Instagram

 Print fresh- Florals + prints aren’t just for spring anymore! Time to bloom into colorful looks this season. Neutrals are chill but knock your ‘winter blues’ with a splash of bold picks.

Photo Credit- Instagram

Photo Credit- Instagram

Eye love it!- We love sunnies (even if there’s no heat that comes with it). Shades are making their way to closets all year long and it’s time to have fun with them! Top off your look by throwing a little extra shade.

Photo Credit Instagram

Photo Credit Instagram



Happy Fashion Finds!

Meet Chelsea Turpin!

A taste of style is exactly what NYC ordered when fashionista Chelsea Turpin arrived to take over the fast paced + invigorating city with her own flavor. Hitting the pavements of the concrete jungle in 2013, she left the breezy days of LA to embark and create her voice in one of the fashion capitals of the world. While juggling between being a student and an intern in the highly competitive field, she shares her journey through her influential blog over at! She hopes that sharing her dreams and an inside peek of her life will motivate others to conquer + master their dreams as well! And of course, give the world an extra dose of style!

Let’s get to know Chelsea a little better…

unnamed (95)

You’re a fly fashion blogger hailing from LA to NYC! What made you dive into the fashion industry?

My interest in fashion started at a young age. I started collecting sneakers in middle school and it grew from there. I always used the way I dressed as an outlet to express myself. Wearing a cool pair of shoes or a new outfit just always made me feel confident and comfortable. After landing a part-time job in a boutique, I realized I could turn my passion into a pay check.

Blogging is a great outlet to share your journey, how does your site allow you to express yourself and your dreams?

Moving to New York alone, I left behind a lot of friends and family members. I started my blog as a way to just share my experiences but it ended up being an outlet where I could also curate different outfits and images that I thought were interesting.

Style is a way of expressing yourself without speaking, how would you describe your personal style?

My personal style changes with me as a grow and go through different phases in life. Growing up I was really into sneakers and street wear then I went through a boho phase and had a couple different styles in between. Now that I am working and getting into my career I am definitely going for a little bit of a sophisticated look, but I still try to have fun with shoes and accessories to show my personality.

Being young and having responsibilities can sometimes get to be a bit overwhelming, how do you regroup and motivate yourself when you’re feeling a little defeated?

I usually give myself a little time to be alone with my thoughts, whether its going for a run or shopping. After that, I just have to keep going. You can’t let that feeling of defeat be on your mind too long. You just have to keep going and evaluate things you can change to improve the situation. What am I doing that isn’t working? What do I need to change?

unnamed (94)

We tend to pull characteristics from others in our lives or from people we admire, who inspires you and why?

I look up to my mom and my grandma the most. I feel like any confidence or intelligence I have is because of them. They are both extremely smart and hard working women. From a young age, they showed me that I can have anything I’m willing to work for. Even on her worst days my mother is a warrior and at 83 years old my grandma is still learning new skills like painting and photography.

We are all about empowerment, what does EMPOWERMENT mean to you?

Empowerment means setting goals and achieving them. The day I realized that I am in control of my own life, everything changed for me. I felt like I discovered a secret that someone had been keeping from me all these years. If I do the work I can have anything that I want. As long as I have faith and another day to work towards what I want, I feel empowered.

Time for the Faves! Celeb Crush? Artist? Food? Movie?

I hate to admit it but I love Kim Kardashian. I think she is gorgeous, I love her sense of style, and I admire how she used what she had and created her own lane. My celeb crush is definitely Michael B Jordan and like every girl I love Drake. I love all the fashion movies, Devil Wears Prada, Sex in the City, and any fashion documentary. Especially now that I work in the industry I find them really interesting and inspiring.

Check out more Chelsea here…




DOPE style.

Summer style is here and so is the movie of our generation, DOPE.  Style always repeats itself  + of course makes a special appearance every 10 years or so. Well, there’s no surprise that the 90’s have been making a strong comeback for the past couple of years, right? Time to check into our style guide and see which 90’s trends we’re playing with this season—>

Box Braids- From Janet Jackson to Brandy, box braids are not only stylish but an easy way to protect your strands in the summer! Ok, so it takes like 6 hours to get done but you can enjoy an entire summer of care-free tresses!


Tumblr Image

Overalls – C’mon so you know overalls were going to make the list! Either the one or double strap, overalls are a key component of 90’s style and slowly creeping back…just saying.


Tumblr Image


Tumblr Image

Fresh Flannels- Either around the waist or turned into an updated cardigan, flannels have become a staple piece on today’s style.


Tumblr Image


Tumblr Image

High Top Sneakers- Stay comfortable, chill & chic! It’s all about being comfy especially in the summertime. Pull out those high tops and get to movin’  towards some good vibes!


Tumblr Image

tumblr_myy4i8AOdc1tod7lro1_r1_500 (2)

Tumblr Image


Stay DOPE, babes.



Meet Tai Beauchamp!

Stylish, smart + business savvy  are all of the qualities of veteran journalist + editor Tai Beauchamp! Known for her savvy sense of style and ability to deliver inspiring and aspirational insights, women of all ages recognize her as the voice of stylish living.

Hailing from NYC Beauchamp earned a B.A. in English literature from Spelman College and attended New York University’s Television Production program.

Beauchamp launched her editorial career interning at Good Housekeeping and Harper’s Bazaar magazines and went on to work as a beauty editor at O, The Oprah Magazine, Suede, and Seventeen. She later served as the deputy editor of VIBE Vixen and style contributor to

Today, Beauchamp is Style Ambassador of InStyle, a lauded host, beauty and style authority, and CEO of Tai Life Media, LLC. Tai has partnered with some of the most reputable consumer and retail brands including Dior Cosmetics, Nordstrom, Tacori, Target, and Proctor & Gamble where she served as spokesperson of P&G’s My Black is Beautiful Movement. She appears regularly as a correspondent on network and cable television for the likes of ABC, CBS, BET, TV One and shows including “The Today Show,” “Good Day New York,” “Entertainment Tonight”, “The Talk”, “Bethenny” and the “The Wendy Williams Show.” Tai has also hosted The Grammy and Academy Awards red carpets and is a powerful public speaker.

She is also a social entrepreneur and champion for causes, most of them aimed toward youth and education and empowering women through fashion and beauty.

Let’s get to know Tai a little better…


You’re an amazing journalist and editor who has worked with a variety of top media outlets! How did you first dive into your career?

Interning is the most critical experience a young person can have when pursuing any industry or career. And not just for the obvious reasons. Sometimes you are fortunate as I was to find something and an industry I loved but sometimes interning can be about learning what you don’t want to do–it can be a process of elimination. Interning is also about building relationships and meeting people in your industry who might be future bosses, colleagues, mentors, etc. Internships also help individuals understand how to operate in a professional environment. My first internship in publishing was a full summer internship at Good Housekeeping. At the time Hearst Magazines had an organized summer internship program for about 30 young people. I worked really hard and built solid relationships during that internship that I still have today. I interned the following summer at Harper’s Bazaar. And when I graduated the following year, O, The Oprah Magazine was just launching and that’s where I began working officially in publishing as the fashion/beauty assistant.

Having an extensive background in style & beauty what is one fashion & beauty tip that you live by?

True style is individual…there is no set formula for style. Use your style to say something fabulous to the world.

Life can become stressful specially when you’re achieving your dream, how do you regroup & stay focus?

This is a tough one because I believe that no matter how perfectly wrapped things may seem on the outside, nothing is perfect! It’s certainly challenging for everyone, no matter where you are in life. Whether you are a company CEO, a manager, or an intern, there are and will be challenges. There are a few things I do to recharge and stay focused.

1) I pray and meditate daily.

2) I workout at least 4-6 x a week.

3) I surround myself with people who believe, champion, and support me and my dreams. These are my “riders”! When I don’t have the strength or vision on a day, they remind and ultimately rally me.

4.)I take inventory and stock of my goals at least quarterly. This is a good way to not only evaluate your progress but to determine if there are other avenues I should consider.

5) I get out of dodge! I love and know how to check out. I can’t do it often but I’m a big believer in taking time away from it all! And I do it as often as possible.

6) I mentor. People think that to be a mentor is all about giving. Truly, mentoring is as much about giving as it is receiving. I learn so much from the young people that I mentor. And at the end of it, however, these young people are also my inspiration to keep going.


What is your ultimate goal you would like to achieve in this lifetime?

There are so many things I want to achieve…spiritually, personally, and professionally. All my goals for the most part, center around touching as many lives as meaningfully as possible. I do look forward to being a wife and mother…it’s about that time.

Being a teen can be tough when you’re growing up, what was the most vital lesson as a teen you learned that carried into your adult life?

The most critical lesson I learned as a teen that I didn’t necessarily believe at the time but know it is true today is cliche that so many parents still stay “you are the company that you keep”. I’m still best friends with two of my childhood best friends. But even more than that, I know that the people I surround myself with are a reflection of who I am andmy style. Keep good people around you!

We tend to pull characteristics from others in our lives or from people we admire, who inspires you and why?

I don’t know if I “pull characteristics” from others as much as there are qualities I respect and admire in others. Some of the people who inspire me are my grandmom, Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, a dear friend who is like a little sister to me, Clementine Wamariya and so many of my friends that are truly too many to write. They all inspire me for different reasons. My grandmom inspires me because she has always been a beautiful spirit with a warm heart. She’s also the strongest and most resilient person I know! Oprah because I so admire her as a business woman, philanthropist, champion of women and brilliance. He has redefined what it means to be a super producer. Clementine is like the Buddha come to real life…she exudes peace, love and grace and makes me to want to be more peaceful, loving, and gracious. And I’d also say my godchildren because their happiness is contagious.


Time for the Faves! Celeb Crush? Artist? Food? Movie?

Celeb…hmmm Brad Pitt, I think. I can be a bit fickle…after “Happy” came out, it was Pharrell…I’m sure it will change again.

Favorite artist, I’m blasting Beyonce, Jay Z, Stevie Wonder, and Pharrell right now…I wish I could get them to put something out together…all four of them.Sushi, I could each sushi everyday!

The Bourne Series is my favorite movie…

TV Show…Scandal.

Check out more +  follow Tai here:

Tai Beauchamp




Winter Style Guide

So you’re stumped on what to pull from your closet this winter? Hmm no sweat!  We’re here and showing you what comfy + cute pieces  you can pull from your closet. Not only can you pull these items from your closet but from your parents drawers too.  It’s all about  remixing and making them your own.  Check it out!


Chunky Sweaters- Who doesn’t love a thick + cozy sweater when there’s a blizzard outside? Ummm everyone! Pair up an over sized sweater with skinny jeans, leggings, tights or skirt and rock it out this season!





Faux Fur- Yes, we love the animals! So go ahead and pull out your fake furry pieces and doll them up. Either casually with denim or an extra piece of flare with a dress, faux fur is classic for winter!




Top It Off- This is the perfect accent to any outfit + will have you looking top-notch this winter! Whether it’s a wide-brimmed hat or beanie, keeping your head warm is not just a necessity but a style statement. Choose well!



Glitter Girl- A glitter girl in a digital world! Aren’t we all? Get a splash of glitter! Not only is it great to shine bright for New Year’s Eve but for the rest of your life.



Flannel Fresh-  You can never go wrong with flannels in the wintertime …at least we don’t think so. Matching up combat boots or booties with them can effortlessly remix your style in one move!






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Check out edgy singer Sevyn Streeter’s dope InstaGLAM looks!


(Photo: Sevyn Streeter via Instagram)







Fresh Style!


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Check out singer Kayla Briana’s Fresh Style!








Fresh Style!


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Check out singer’s Gail Scott FRESH STYLE!









*Meet Amber Alexander*


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Fly, fresh & fashion forward describes 23 year old blogger, Amber Alexander! Originally from Brooklyn, New York Amber is the creator of the dope blogazine Beauty & The Street. In an efforts to fill a void of online publications for eclectic urban young women of all shades who are passionate about style, music, beauty, and women’s topics, she launched Beauty & The Street.

Amber’s blogging has earned her an honorary feature in legendary designer Thierry Mugler’s ‘Womanity’ campaign, Orbit Gum’s blogger campaign, a slot to do exclusive coverage at Rebecca Minkoff events with selected bloggers, Fashion Week, and a cameo in The New York Times blog ‘The Local’ in 2010.

She’s also held internship positions at various companies within the fashion/beauty industry including Purple Lab NYC, Funky Fanny’s Vintage and Teen Diaries Online in addition to personal assisting for former high-fashion model Lois Samuels on her self-titled line The Vessel by Lois. Being passionate about music and culture Amber also regularly contributed to ground-breaking movement Afropunk’s official website and Recently she’s been featured on The Fashion Bomb, Independent Fashion Bloggers, and Ebony.

Let’s get to know Amber a little better….

What originally motivated you to jump into the creative field of fashion & blogging?

Initially I just wanted an outlet to talk about celebrity style and gossip, so I started a blog. At the time it was simply for fun!

Beauty and The Street is a dope fashion and lifestyle blogazine, what inspired you to launch your site?

Why thank you! At one point I used to read a million blogs and though I enjoyed them all, none spoke directly to me. As a young woman of color with multiple interests and an unconventional perspective on style I felt it was my duty to fill the void.

In fashion it’s important to stay fresh and current, how do you keep your creative juices flowing?

Well, I don’t watch tv or read magazines so I just allow my everyday experiences to inspire me. I enjoy people-watching in NYC, reading a ton of books, watching retro flicks, and listening music (my favorite). Those things get my juices flowing daily.

Describe your style.

Wow that’s such a hard question for me, because I look different all the time. I would call myself urban-eclectic. I tend to pull from different types of style whether it’s street, punk rock, bohemian, etc and blend them all together. I’m pretty much a chameleon.

What has been the highest point of your career so far and why?

Thus far the highest point in my career honestly is hearing great feedback from readers who felt like they never fit in anywhere. I’ve always felt like an odd-ball and it is nice to know that young women like myself can connect with Beauty & The Street. It’s the best feeling in the world!

We tend to pull characteristics from others in our lives or from people we admire, who inspires you and why?

I admire my parents because they taught me the importance of entrepreneurship, my twin sister because of her impeccable style, and my young sister for not giving a damn what anyone thinks. Those are all great characteristics to have, especially in the fashion industry.

Where do you see yourself and Beauty & The Street in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I see Beauty & The Street as THE go-to online destination for fashion and culture with staffed contributors on board. There’s more but you will see for yourself 😉 Personally, I would like to be deeply active in my community there is a lot of work that needs to be done in the inner city.

We’re all about empowerment at C.O.R.E Mag, what does empowerment mean to you?

Empowerment means to know who you are, ignoring naysayers and going after what you truly deserve. After all, no one else will do it for you!

Fun Faves!!- Food? Song? Artist? Celeb Crush?

Roti and Jerk Shrimp, I’m West Indian so I love Caribbean cuisine.

I don’t have a favorite song but as of late I have been listening to Frank Ocean – Pink Matter often.

Ehhh, I am not crushing on any celebs per se but Nas is pretty hot lol


Check out more of Amber Alexander & Beauty & the Street here…

Beauty & the Street