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Have you ever just want to go after your passion no matter the sacrifices? Singer-songwriter TAMISH not only quit her job in advertising but she decided to pursue her passion for music full-time!

TAMISH has opened up for major artists including Babyface, Kelly Price, Slick Rick and MC Lyte. She has also provided back up vocals for Mariah Carey, Slick Rick, Charlie Wilson and T.I. on Showtime at the Apollo and Andra Day on BET’s Black Girls Rock. TAMISH is living passionately to inspire others and to make her songs have meaning.

You were born and raised in Chicago, what was it like growing up?

I grew up on the west side of Chicago, K – Town, so that’s in the hood. Chicago has some segregated parts of the neighborhoods. Being from K – Town, I was in the community but I was never influenced by it or it’s lifestyle from people who were in gangs, on drugs, etc. It made me want to do something more. Girls use to love the gangsters but that was not for me. I was never attracted to the bad boy type.
My mom and dad are both college graduates so I was exposed to a different lifestyle. My mom was trying to make it clear that I would see two different aspects of the black experiences: viewing people on drugs in my neighborhood and the college educated in my household.

For your debut, “Met You”, what inspired you to create that song?

Once I graduated from college, I moved to New York City and worked in advertising. Then I quit my job and focused on music full time because I felt lead to do so by the Lord. I moved to Los Angeles and I had an opportunity to work in a studio in LA. While working there I was able to record my music.
I wrote “Met You” in New York, but I didn’t have anyone here to help me put it all together. I recorded “Met You” out in LA and we literally created it from the ground up. And was able to add all of the musical elements that I wanted. Then I recorded a rough version of it. I wasn’t sure what kind of sound I wanted to go for when I was ready to release my first project. Once I recorded it and when I first heard it, I was like “this is something I will release and share to the world”.

You have opened for many major artists and have sang backup for many artists, how have those experiences affected your career?

I think it was life – changing because I knew I felt like I needed to do it and I went for it. The opportunities just reassured me that I made the right decision because from quitting my job to pursue a singing career, I felt like I was a little crazy. However, it made it clear that what God gave to me was true. I didn’t apply for these opportunities that came to me so I can’t take credit for anything. People who heard and believed in me recommended me to others. It made me feel validated. Once I released my debut and I had my single release show, that’s when I got connected with an opportunity to open for Babyface, and then Mariah Carey. I didn’t apply for any of these opportunities. Because of this, it helps keep me in check.

What was the biggest challenges you have faced as a singer?

I think the first one was finding my sound like what I want to talk about. If you’re not clear on what you want to talk about, you will write crazy stuff that you don’t believe in. Even in the beginning, we were writing songs or writing stuff with crazy topics I wouldn’t even say. It made me really clear on what I want to talk about and what I wanted to stand for as a creative person. I wanted to make sure that I talk about something that means something and worth releasing.

We are all about empowerment, what does it mean to you?
Educating, liberating and activating a person or group of people to take charge of their lives, and choices, and make a change, if needed, for the better.

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Interview by: A’yanna Rouse, Teen Writer + C.O.R.E Intern

Beautifully Bold NYC!


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#NYC Teens! Get ready for the holidays with CORE Mag at our Beautifully Bold NYC event on December 17th from 1p-4p! Dope tutorials, beauty panel and of course fresh goodies will have you kicking off the New Year right!


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Featured Girl Of The Week!

Name: Maria Miller

Age: 17

City: Brooklyn, NY

Grade: 12th

What is your dream job and why?
My dream job has changed a lot over the years, but for now I think I would like to be a columnist because I like to listen to people’s problems and try to give them advice. I feel as if I would be able to help individuals and hopefully change their life for the better.

Which hobbies do you enjoy?
I like to read(mainly on wattpad), listen to music, watch movies/T.V shows, and hanging out with my friends.


Who is your biggest crush?
Chris Hemsworth

What’s your fave song to jam out to right now?
It’s so hard to choose only one song so I hope we could compromise to two songs. The first being Weight in Gold(Ekali remix) by Gallant. And the second being You Don’t Own Me by Grace.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
I would change the effect media has on people. Media is a great thing, but sometimes it portrays unrealistic things that has a negative effect on young girls. That leads to so many issues that range from low self esteem to eating disorders and so many other problems.

What does empowerment mean to you?
Empowerment means not letting others put you down. It means confidence and self appreciation.

What are your plans after high school?
After high school I will go to college. I’ll figure out the rest of my life as I go along since the best things are unexpected. Hopefully my life will be full of exciting adventures. I would hate to get to a certain point in my life and realize that I have done nothing except play it safe.

How have you helped someone in your life lately?
I gave my fries from Mcdonalds to a homeless guy who was asking for money to buy food.

Who is your role model and why?
My role model is my mother because she always encourages me to do better. Even when we argue I know she only wants the best for me.

Welcome, Maria!


Meet Chelsea Turpin!

A taste of style is exactly what NYC ordered when fashionista Chelsea Turpin arrived to take over the fast paced + invigorating city with her own flavor. Hitting the pavements of the concrete jungle in 2013, she left the breezy days of LA to embark and create her voice in one of the fashion capitals of the world. While juggling between being a student and an intern in the highly competitive field, she shares her journey through her influential blog over at! She hopes that sharing her dreams and an inside peek of her life will motivate others to conquer + master their dreams as well! And of course, give the world an extra dose of style!

Let’s get to know Chelsea a little better…

unnamed (95)

You’re a fly fashion blogger hailing from LA to NYC! What made you dive into the fashion industry?

My interest in fashion started at a young age. I started collecting sneakers in middle school and it grew from there. I always used the way I dressed as an outlet to express myself. Wearing a cool pair of shoes or a new outfit just always made me feel confident and comfortable. After landing a part-time job in a boutique, I realized I could turn my passion into a pay check.

Blogging is a great outlet to share your journey, how does your site allow you to express yourself and your dreams?

Moving to New York alone, I left behind a lot of friends and family members. I started my blog as a way to just share my experiences but it ended up being an outlet where I could also curate different outfits and images that I thought were interesting.

Style is a way of expressing yourself without speaking, how would you describe your personal style?

My personal style changes with me as a grow and go through different phases in life. Growing up I was really into sneakers and street wear then I went through a boho phase and had a couple different styles in between. Now that I am working and getting into my career I am definitely going for a little bit of a sophisticated look, but I still try to have fun with shoes and accessories to show my personality.

Being young and having responsibilities can sometimes get to be a bit overwhelming, how do you regroup and motivate yourself when you’re feeling a little defeated?

I usually give myself a little time to be alone with my thoughts, whether its going for a run or shopping. After that, I just have to keep going. You can’t let that feeling of defeat be on your mind too long. You just have to keep going and evaluate things you can change to improve the situation. What am I doing that isn’t working? What do I need to change?

unnamed (94)

We tend to pull characteristics from others in our lives or from people we admire, who inspires you and why?

I look up to my mom and my grandma the most. I feel like any confidence or intelligence I have is because of them. They are both extremely smart and hard working women. From a young age, they showed me that I can have anything I’m willing to work for. Even on her worst days my mother is a warrior and at 83 years old my grandma is still learning new skills like painting and photography.

We are all about empowerment, what does EMPOWERMENT mean to you?

Empowerment means setting goals and achieving them. The day I realized that I am in control of my own life, everything changed for me. I felt like I discovered a secret that someone had been keeping from me all these years. If I do the work I can have anything that I want. As long as I have faith and another day to work towards what I want, I feel empowered.

Time for the Faves! Celeb Crush? Artist? Food? Movie?

I hate to admit it but I love Kim Kardashian. I think she is gorgeous, I love her sense of style, and I admire how she used what she had and created her own lane. My celeb crush is definitely Michael B Jordan and like every girl I love Drake. I love all the fashion movies, Devil Wears Prada, Sex in the City, and any fashion documentary. Especially now that I work in the industry I find them really interesting and inspiring.

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*Meet Amber Alexander*


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Fly, fresh & fashion forward describes 23 year old blogger, Amber Alexander! Originally from Brooklyn, New York Amber is the creator of the dope blogazine Beauty & The Street. In an efforts to fill a void of online publications for eclectic urban young women of all shades who are passionate about style, music, beauty, and women’s topics, she launched Beauty & The Street.

Amber’s blogging has earned her an honorary feature in legendary designer Thierry Mugler’s ‘Womanity’ campaign, Orbit Gum’s blogger campaign, a slot to do exclusive coverage at Rebecca Minkoff events with selected bloggers, Fashion Week, and a cameo in The New York Times blog ‘The Local’ in 2010.

She’s also held internship positions at various companies within the fashion/beauty industry including Purple Lab NYC, Funky Fanny’s Vintage and Teen Diaries Online in addition to personal assisting for former high-fashion model Lois Samuels on her self-titled line The Vessel by Lois. Being passionate about music and culture Amber also regularly contributed to ground-breaking movement Afropunk’s official website and Recently she’s been featured on The Fashion Bomb, Independent Fashion Bloggers, and Ebony.

Let’s get to know Amber a little better….

What originally motivated you to jump into the creative field of fashion & blogging?

Initially I just wanted an outlet to talk about celebrity style and gossip, so I started a blog. At the time it was simply for fun!

Beauty and The Street is a dope fashion and lifestyle blogazine, what inspired you to launch your site?

Why thank you! At one point I used to read a million blogs and though I enjoyed them all, none spoke directly to me. As a young woman of color with multiple interests and an unconventional perspective on style I felt it was my duty to fill the void.

In fashion it’s important to stay fresh and current, how do you keep your creative juices flowing?

Well, I don’t watch tv or read magazines so I just allow my everyday experiences to inspire me. I enjoy people-watching in NYC, reading a ton of books, watching retro flicks, and listening music (my favorite). Those things get my juices flowing daily.

Describe your style.

Wow that’s such a hard question for me, because I look different all the time. I would call myself urban-eclectic. I tend to pull from different types of style whether it’s street, punk rock, bohemian, etc and blend them all together. I’m pretty much a chameleon.

What has been the highest point of your career so far and why?

Thus far the highest point in my career honestly is hearing great feedback from readers who felt like they never fit in anywhere. I’ve always felt like an odd-ball and it is nice to know that young women like myself can connect with Beauty & The Street. It’s the best feeling in the world!

We tend to pull characteristics from others in our lives or from people we admire, who inspires you and why?

I admire my parents because they taught me the importance of entrepreneurship, my twin sister because of her impeccable style, and my young sister for not giving a damn what anyone thinks. Those are all great characteristics to have, especially in the fashion industry.

Where do you see yourself and Beauty & The Street in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I see Beauty & The Street as THE go-to online destination for fashion and culture with staffed contributors on board. There’s more but you will see for yourself 😉 Personally, I would like to be deeply active in my community there is a lot of work that needs to be done in the inner city.

We’re all about empowerment at C.O.R.E Mag, what does empowerment mean to you?

Empowerment means to know who you are, ignoring naysayers and going after what you truly deserve. After all, no one else will do it for you!

Fun Faves!!- Food? Song? Artist? Celeb Crush?

Roti and Jerk Shrimp, I’m West Indian so I love Caribbean cuisine.

I don’t have a favorite song but as of late I have been listening to Frank Ocean – Pink Matter often.

Ehhh, I am not crushing on any celebs per se but Nas is pretty hot lol


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