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Finding Relationships During Qarentine…

It feels like quarantine has really taken a toll on our social life, right? It gets a bit boring not to see our fam and friends. However, quarantine is a great time to sit back and think about maybe making new friends or perhaps finding a significant (if you’re ready but make sure you get to know them)! It’s even a good time to reconnect with your old friends or old classmates you’ve wanted to talk to but were too busy.

Now here’s some tips into finding new relationships virtually: 


 You and your friends can create a group chat of  their extended friendship circle. This is a way to get to know each other through your crew.  It can be a bit weird at first but also comfortable because you both have a mutual friend. Even though there aren’t many places to go you can still find time to link up but of course maintain social distancing and wear a mask!


Social media is a huge platform  to connect with your past! Even if you don’t know their social handles you can perhaps find them through other friends profiles, recommended pages or simply ask a friend. Once you find them, you can shoot them a message. I know it’s not a new person but, you guys can start all over again and have a new bond.  It  can be best friends or boyfriend/ girlfriend, you never know!

3. PMOYS (put me on your story):

On snapchat or instagram have a friend put you on their story putting a photo of you  with your user in it.  It seeks a bit more attention in which people will add or follow you. You can get to talk to someone new or just grow your profile. But it helps!



Well there are pros and cons to it there’s apps like Yubo, Spotafriend,Wink and more that are in our age range. Make sure you stay safe and don’t just jump into things, keep alert, get to know each other. Remember,  don’t share your personal information that includes your phone number till you get to know them for awhile. If you guys are ever gonna meet, tell your parents, bring a friend and NOT AT NIGHT! 

Thank you very much for reading all my tips!

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~ Kiarra Charlemagne, teen blogger

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