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I get questions quite often on how in the world do I balance being a student, establishing my career, and still maintain a “B” job? Sometimes I don’t even know how I do it but using some simple methods its helped me tremendously to make every week a productive one.

First and far most TIME MANAGEMENT is a huge factor in all of this. Saturday’s or Sundays I like to sit down and map out my week. I grab my favorite journal and go about jotting down the weeks plans or goals that way I have a clear idea of what I am facing. If for whatever reason I am not able to write down these things down, I simply take it each day at a time. Some days I have school, work, then come home and work on my blog or show and it can become overwhelming, but I try to remind myself to be present during every task. This prevents me from being overwhelmed in any moment. By the end of days such those I try to end it doing something I enjoy.

For me, I love watching YOUTUBE tutorials or informing videos from my favorite “youtubers”. It makes me feel like I since I worked so hard today I can reward myself with an hour or two of doing absolutely nothing. Another method to my madness that keeps me sane is I give myself one day a week where I get my nails done, run errands, pretty much dedicate it to self-love!

While being a boss woman its very essential to not lose yourself in the pursuit of your goals, and dreams. We often times get so lost in our work and obsess with it we forget to live life and just be still. So take one day where you dedicate it just hanging out with your girlfriends, get pampered, and really enjoy your day. You may have a lot on your plate and you don’t want to lose track of yourself in the chaos.

STAY ORGANIZED! The more organized you keep your work space the clearer you think, and the more efficient you are able to tackle duties. I had to learn the hard way about the connection between keeping my space Immaculate and handling my responsibilities like a boss. When I got in the habit of keeping my surroundings at home clean, I noticed how on top of my work weeks it kept me. I was way more motivated, focused, and just felt like a boss chick that I could hold it all together! If you are a young woman like me balancing all of life’s crazy task don’t get overwhelmed, stay focused, pray, and most importantly remember to have fun!

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