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Kisses to Y-O-U!

Oh, how love is in the air! Hugs, kisses, chocolates, bears and the oh so sweet surprise gifts that Valentine’s Day brings! So it’s great if your boyfriend or girlfriend showers you with gifts but let’s be honest who doesn’t love to spoil themselves a little bit, too?  No matter if you’re boo’d up with your love or kicking it with your girlfriends, it’s all about showering love on yourself and we’re going to show you exactly how to do it.

Let’s get started…

Treat Yourself! – From classes to college applications to the parentals, you barely have time exhale.  We get it.  Being a student is exhausting…seriously. Sooo it’s time to schedule some well needed  ‘me-time’ this semester. We’re not encouraging you to blow your entire allowance BUT we are saying treat yourself to something you love. A cute top, an eye catching nail polish, or just time away from everybody without feeling guilty! It’s your world and you deserve a prize every now and then!

Playlist Party! Feeling yourself? Well, make a playlist that shows it! Create a playlist with all the songs that makes you feel like Beyonce, Michelle Obama + Naomi Campbell all in one. Crank up the volume, lock the door and have your own personal music video in your room. Yes, you’re the star of this party so you have to kill each move.

Dress to Impress- Here at C.O.R.E Mag we’re HUGE believers that it’s all about your beauty shining from the inside out! So if you don’t have a beautiful or kind soul you’ll never a have true outer beauty. Now, since that’s clear….it’s time to dress up how beautiful your personality is to the world. Have fun with your style + appreciate your creativity + beauty!  One quote will wrap this whole idea up—–> “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’ . -Rachel Zoe

Give IT away- Ok, so this post is all about showing yourself some love but the best way to receive love is when you give it away! Yes, what you put out in the universe is what you get back in return. So share your appreciation to your besties and fam members! It’s the start button to feeling  the love.

Pucker  Up + Say It! –  You are the first person to hear your own words. That’s deep, right? Ok, so we’ve just dropped a little knowledge your way it’s time to head to the mirror, pucker up (we know you’ve perfected this with all your kissy face selfies for Instagram)  + say I LOVE YOU to yourself! Ok, now do it again, again, again and every morning that you wake up! Love every inch of yourself + let it shine bright! *KISSES*


Meet The Black PEARL Program!

Live  BOLD, BEAUTIFUL & FEARLESS!  The Black PEARL (Pretty, Educated, Aware, Refined, Ladies) Program encourages young women  to step into their destiny!  Created by Phylicia Henry of La Perle Noire LLC, the program is designed to teach & encourage teen females  on how to tap into their inner being and accept who they are instead of what they are not. They are devoted to educating young girls on self-confidence and a positive self-esteem.

PEARL’s underlying message for young women is to seek approval within, without seeking the approval of others.They moderate and encourage a series of discussions and workshops shaped by their own curriculum on self-esteem, beauty and wellness. It addresses the sensitive and difficult topics that arise during the teenage and adolescent years. Their goal is to encourage young women to know and understand that they are beautiful.

Let’s get to know  The Black Pearl Program a little better…



The Black Pearl Program teaches and encourages young women to tap into their inner being and accept who they are instead of what they are not. What made you launch this empowering organization? 

 The Black PEARL Program was started for many reasons, but what really inspired me was the story of one girl that I had to opportunity to work with.  She wrote a suicide letter and in that letter she wrote that she wished she was never Black. She wished she was born white. She hated the fact that god made her Black and for that reason she wanted to kill herself. At that point I knew that something had to be done to help young women struggling with their image. I worked on developing The Black PEARL Program curriculum to cover many of the issues young women of color face and help them develop a positive self-image and self-esteem.  

 PEARL stands for Pretty, Educated, Aware, Refined, Ladies. How does your organization encourage young ladies to embrace their individuality + personal strengths? 

 We encourage our girls first with our staff. The Black PEARL Program works with many different women with different looks, shades, sizes and ethnicities to show our participants first hand that beauty is subjective and there isn’t a “one look fits all” when it comes to a women’s beauty. Through our lessons and curriculum we showcase and incorporate different aspects of Black femininity and intelligence. We use that to strengthen young women’s self-esteem, image and individuality.

 If you had to give one piece of advice to teen girls who are struggling with being comfortable in their own skin, what would it be? 

My advice for teen girls struggling with being comfortable with themselves is to research a woman who they admire. Try to mirror their confidence and traits that you find the most intriguing and attractive about them. If you are struggling with your appearance find a positive female figure who has your similar hair type, skin color, body type, whatever it is and use that person as a sort of role model for yourself.

 We tend to pull characteristics from others in our lives or from people we admire, who inspires you and why?

 Wow, so many women inspire me! From women like you who have started this wonderful magazine to single mothers working 3 jobs to provide a great life for themselves and their children. I respect people who are going hard and mastering their craft and living life. Two of the women that have inspired me the most over the years have been Naomi Campbell, her confidence, poise and sophistication are untouchable and the amazing Angela Davis; her intellect, beauty and strength are so incredible!

BT pearls1

 Working with youth both parties learn from each other, what’s one trait you have learned from working with girls?

Well when working with the “At-Risk” population where people may be very judgmental, I’ve learned that there is no such thing as a “bad kid.”

Many teens just need guidance, motivation and someone to inspire them. I have learned to be a bit more understanding and also that teens are eager to learn in a way that it’s meaningful to them from people who GENUINELY care. Teens can sense when your being authentic and when your just there to collect a paycheck.

Black pearl t shirt

 We’re all about empowerment at C.O.R.E Mag, what does EMPOWERMENT mean to you + your organization?

Empowerment equates to motivating while encouraging and uplifting others in a meaningful and positive way. Empowering others last a lifetime.

Fun Faves! Song? Food? Artist? Celeb Crush?

Favorite song is Robin S. Show Me Love, favorite artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat and Cebe Crush would be, Les Twins they’re twin dancers from France and they are EVERYTHING!
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C.O.R.E Dance Academy

Good Morning Talented Ladies!

So you know C.O.R.E always has something cooking up for you fly girls, right??

Well, we are officially launching C.O.R.E Dance Academy in Cleveland, OH at Steve Sanders Academy. The first 12 week program will begin March 6, 2012!

The academy will work with young girls and boys from K-8th grade and will not only focus on developing dance techniques but also working on  empowering each student to conquer their DREAMS!

If you are in the Cleveland area email to receive more information on how to enroll.

C.O.R.E Dance Pledge

“I am a beautiful CREATION.
I will seize every OPPORTUNITY.
I will REACH for the stars.



“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Grahm

Logo by Allison Bowers

-C.O.R.E Fam