C.O.R.E Dance Academy

Good Morning Talented Ladies!

So you know C.O.R.E always has something cooking up for you fly girls, right??

Well, we are officially launching C.O.R.E Dance Academy in Cleveland, OH at Steve Sanders Academy. The first 12 week program will begin March 6, 2012!

The academy will work with young girls and boys from K-8th grade and will not only focus on developing dance techniques but also working on  empowering each student to conquer their DREAMS!

If you are in the Cleveland area email info@thecorereader.com to receive more information on how to enroll.

C.O.R.E Dance Pledge

“I am a beautiful CREATION.
I will seize every OPPORTUNITY.
I will REACH for the stars.



“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Grahm

Logo by Allison Bowers

-C.O.R.E Fam


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