Blew It…Bounce Back.


Relationships, Latest | by — April 28, 2020

The relationship between you and your parents is a dynamic one. Although you’re transitioning into a thriving young adult, you still have to be mindful of their rules because they did (and still are) doing a great job raising you. Every once in a while you might get off track and cause some tension, which is normal in any relationship. Whether you forgot to do the chores or got into a huge disagreement, it’s important to find a solution and get back to a better place with them and here’s how:


This is the first thing that should be said after you’ve done something wrong. When you give a profuse apology, it shows that you are being responsible for your actions and that makes your parents feel good. Follow the apology with expressing how much you appreciate them and all they’ve done for you.

Pick Up The Slack

In addition to not having to be reminded to do your own chores, you should help out and other things that need to get done in the house, Even if it’s not necessarily on your to-do list. It would make your parent’s lives a whole lot easier and remind them that you know how to step up when needed.


Doing these things just to get your way isn’t the right motive. You should aim to have consistently reliable behavior all the time. It will deem you more trustworthy in their eyes and could lead to more privileges.

~Tia Banks, Content Editor

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