Body Type vs. Culture Hype?


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The season has arrived when everyone is doing the most trying to get their bodies right for the summer. Between keto diets, double gym sessions, and going vegan, everyone is obsessed with achieving their body goals. Goals that have been set by our favorite people on TV and Instagram models on our timeline. But what happened to just being healthy? Shouldn’t that be body goals? Here are some ways to embrace your body type and ignore the stereotypes.

You look like me

Hang out with people who also embrace their beautiful body types. They will be encouraging and encircle you with the positive energy you need to feel your best. Following body type trends isn’t their thing.

Just wear it

If there is an outfit that you are in love with, wear it! Although you might not feel like you look perfect in it, fake it ‘til you make it. Your decision to wear that bomb dress or dope crop top will give other girls the confidence to do the same. Not all superheroes wear capes.

Know the background story

Understand this – most people you see in the media who have these “ideal” body types underwent some kind of surgical procedure in order to achieve the look. Not all, but many. This means that no one is born perfect. Keep it all natural. Your 80something year old self will thank you.


~ Tia Banks

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