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Meet True Belles!

Inspiration is contagious, right? Of course it is and True Belles is sprinkling it everywhere! As a community based organization, True Belles has a mission to recondition the minds of young girls teaching them to be individuals of tact, class and integrity through learning to love, respect and accept themselves! This empowering organization seeks to be productive in their lives so that they in turn become productive within their own lives and the lives of others.

True Belles is a community based youth development program that serve young girls 7-14 years of age. Their sole purpose is to enhance lives by providing the proper tools that will produce life long success. True Belles was formed under the the proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ They understand that children are faced with many negative influences and experiences and for that reason alone it takes more than a mom and (or) dad to teach a child the ways of life.

Let’s get to know True Belles a little better…


True Belles reconditions the minds of young girls teaching them to be individuals of tact, class and integrity through learning to love, respect and accept themselves. What made you launch this empowering organization?
The inspiration behind the True Belles Mentoring Program is none other than my Belle herself, Miss Tiana Reed, who noticed a very disturbing preview of an upcoming reality show that depicted black females as being less than ladylike. Understanding that television is of a great influence to young girls such as herself, she decided that together we should provide an alternative to the negativity by coming up with something positive.
Your organization offers a  variety of programs for  girls – Discover, Lead, Serve.  How does each program shape the success for girls?
 Though each individual segment serves its own purpose, only together will it truly shape success. When girls are taught how to tap in and discover all the great qualities that are innate, they become strong, confident and bold which sets them up for to become leaders that will at some point serve their communities.
If you had to give one piece of advice to girls  who are struggling with being comfortable in their own skin, what would it be? 
My advice to  girls who struggle being comfortable in their own skin is this: Puzzles come with many defining pieces. In order to see the full beauty of the puzzle, each piece has its own part to play and is equally important so understand that just like that puzzle piece, you have your own shape, size and color and no matter how different you may seem to others, you have an important place in this beautiful puzzle that we call our world; embrace your position. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
We tend to pull characteristics from others in our lives or from people we admire, who inspires you and why?
 I am inspired by so many great individuals however, my current inspiration comes from our Fist Lady, Michelle Obama!! Mrs. Obama is everything that a Belle is known for. She is beautiful, smart, innovative and classy but yet an all around, down to earth, fun girl.
Working with youth both parties learn from each other, what’s one trait you have learned from working with girls?
 Working with today’s young girls I have learned to be resilient. Young girls have it hard and they go through so much but they somehow manage to shake it off and bounce back time and time again.
We’re all about empowerment at C.O.R.E Mag, what does EMPOWERMENT mean to you + your organization?
What empowerment means to myself and my organization is simple, it is nothing more than unadulterated awareness. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear so when you open your mind to accept all of life’s great lesson you allow those new and powerful awarenesses to be untainted.
Fun Faves! Song? Food? Artist? Celeb Crush?
Favorite song: Pieces of me by Ledisi
     Favorite Food: All things Mexican
     Favorite Artist: India Arie
     Celeb Crush: The Game
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