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Style Diary x Schymera!

Scroll through the STYLE diary of Toronto based teen vlogger + model, Schymera! 

Style is showing who you are with out having to speak! Name your top 3 trends you’re feeling this season?
This season I’m really feeling bandeau tops, off the shoulder tops, and jean skirts. Whenever I wear any of these three things, I feel like I can stand out in my own way and express who I am. Bright coloured bandeau tops or off the shoulder tops looks amazing on sunny days and I wouldn’t change it for anything else.

If you had 30 seconds to grab your 3 favorite style pieces, what would they be?
I would most likely grab a bandeau top of any colour, jean skirt, and either a jean jacket or a light sweater over depending on where Im going or how I’m feeling. This is an outfit that I would feel most comfortable in and able to move around in if I’m with friends. It also shows off a bit of my own style.

Style inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate fashion icon + why?
I honestly have so many fashion icons but I am stuck between Ariel Martin (@babyariel) and Daniella Perkins (@daniellaperkins). All of their outfits on instagram are just stunning and gives me different ideas of what to wear when I’m going to different places.

Getting ready in the morning can be fun but stressful if you’re in a time crunch, what’s your go-to look if you’re in a rush?
If I were to be in a rush which is very often, I would probably throw on a nice pair of tights, and top and a sweater to go over. This is my go to outfit because its not too fancy but it shows enough style while being super comfortable. I would also wear my favourite necklace and small bracelet just to spice up the outfit a bit.

What’s your number 1 rule when it comes to style?
My number one rule is to dress as yourself and in something that you can be yourself while being comfortable in. I had to learn that the hard way because I always dressed to impress and it never fit who I was and it looked off. So always wear what you can be yourself in and forget about the criticism.

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