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“Eternal Sunshine” + Jhene

Hey, beautiful people!

It’s time for a dose of new music. Get ready to grab a box of tissues after viewing this touching vid by songstress Jhene Aiko. It’s a reminder to live your life each day to the fullest with as much love + laughs as you can.

Love + Light.



Music Tip: Jhene Aiko


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Can we say addicted?  I mean after a crazy hype summer, it’s  super cool to enjoy  crisp mornings and chill tunes to study to at night, right? There’s so much stress being a student and sometimes you just need to zone out and let your thoughts breathe. I mean not to get too much in my hippy mindset but slowing things down in life definitely allows you to decrease your stress.  Her album is a perfect reminder to remember everything is simply not the end of the world.

Sooooo all of that to say is that we can’t get enough of Jhene Aiko’s new album Souled Out that came out last week. From her new vid “The Pressure” to her laid back live performances; we’re cheering for Jhene to keep doing her thing. It’s fun to turn up but it’s also important not to forget how important love is in life. I’m not just talking about the “love” with your current boo thing but everything- friends, family + even your enemies.

Ok, so are fave songs are  Pretty Bird, Spotless Mind+ The Pressure.

Have you heard it? What are your thoughts?