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Good morning, girls!

Waking up, rushing out the door, and making it to 1st period  on time is hard enough, the last thing you want to be concerned with is if your hair looks cute before your crush spots you in the cafeteria. Trust us, we completely understand and we have exactly what you need to help you knock your hair stress to the side! Great hair starts with having great products and we have to say Dark & Lovely Beautiful Beginnings line is awesome! Not only will your friends ask you why your hair smells so delicious but will ask you all the secrets to your healthy strands since their products have Coconut Oil & Shea Butter in them! Check out a few of our faves!


Time to wash! Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes your hair & scalp without  the constant burning of eyes (always a plus). Your fly hair will be left feeling clean, soft, and ready for some feel good conditioner!


Did someone ask for moisture? We have the perfect dosage of Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Deep Conditioner for you! It replenishes hair with 2X Conditioning Power to moisturize, soften, and prevent hair breakage by eliminating tough tangles. After using this rock star conditioner, your hair will be easy to comb!



Bring out the comb! We know all the faces you make when trying to detangle your hair but now you will have nothing but a smile when you comb  your hair with Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Detangler.  No more tangles, knots or stress!  Plus, it strengthens your hair and protects it against split ends.

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