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Silence the Violence

Each time a life is taken away by another individual there’s pain, sadness & frustration flowing through the situation struggling to understand the reasons behind the senseless actions. These emotions are especially magnified when it happens to an young person who hasn’t even had the chance to truly start their journey of life or tap into their dreams. Our hearts are still heavy after learning that 14-year-old Treyonta Burleson had her life snatched away by another teen who shot and killed her during a petty dispute that she wasn’t directly involved in that started on Facebook. Treyonta was a bright beam of light who was spotlighted as a ‘Featured Girl of the Week’ on C.O.R.E in 2013. It shakes our spirit and rattles our minds that the one aspect she wanted to change in her life was to improve her neighborhood and stop the violence.

Social media is a powerful tool that is now a staple for teens and some simply couldn’t imagine a life with out it. Even though it can bring millions of people together it can also have the same effect of tearing others down. Words are the pathway to actions if we give them permission. Violence rapidly stems from arguments starting online and eventually pokes its head out in real life after sparking the fire for so long.


Love. The one word that holds so much weight but none all at the same time. Love is the word said as commonly as ‘hello’ that people often forget that’s the one purpose why we were placed on this earth.  We first have to genuinely learn how to love ourselves  and believe in our own light & purpose.  We can only value another’s life if we truly value our own. The simple fact that so many teens of color are dying by the hands of each other shows that there’s a lack of love for ourselves so it’s difficult to appreciate anyone else’s journey.

Life is an intense quest filled with bubbling highs and dark lows. But the beauty of it is we have each other for support and encouragement. Instead, of constantly becoming enraged with each situation that you disagree with just stop. Stop to truly listen what the other person is saying. Stop to see where is it stemming from. Stop to see is this a personal insecurity you’re actually dealing with yourself. Stop to see if your abrupt actions are worth the consequences.

If another can easily anger you, it is because you are off balance with yourself.

Rest in beautiful peace, Treyonta. Thank you for shining your light so bright that others were encouraged by your life.

Sending love + light up.