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“Ugh, what do I wear today?? My hair is not doing what its supposed to do! Are these jeans getting tighter?? Am I gaining weight! Gross, I feel soooo ugly!” are the thoughts you mumble to yourself before you head out the door in the morning. You finally make it to school but paying attention to Mrs. Williams 1st period Health Class is the last thing on the mind. Even though you do not want to look “vain” you feel you have no choice but to pull out your compact from your bag and keep asking for a hall pass to give yourself another look over before you even think about opening a book. All day you go back and forth thinking about how you look, looking from side to side admiring everybody’s characteristics except your own. Now to make things worse, your secret crush just walked by as you try to turn your head quickly in the other direction since you already assumed in your head he will never look your way. You finally make it home throw your half read books on your bead and ask yourself “Am I Pretty??”

cf7d4997-03cb-4336-b140-b66c0057565aOf course you are! Now I know you’re saying yes that’s what I’m suppose to write but it’s TRUE! Now, it’s just your job to believe me and yourself. Three ways to get there

Say Something?“Sticks & stones may hurt my bones but words stick in your mind forever.” Yes, that was my remix of that saying. We definitely do not give words enough credit. Especially what we tell ourselves over and over about ourselves. Even though you might not understand the damage of a short comment of “Ugh, I feel soo ugly today” but you just determined your mood the entire day. Even if you may not feel like it the next time you’re in the mirror tell yourself “I am gorgeous with our without make up. I’m just too fly to be stressed!” Trust me once you plant a new seed you’ll see a difference.

Look to Your Left– Left, right but never center are where your eyes go. You constantly compare yourself to other girls around you, secretly wishing you had their characteristics. Well that stops now. It’s normal to but just make sure to appreciate and love your own beauty just as much as you appreciates the girl next to you.

Discover, Define, Do– Yes just like a 3 step program Discover, Define & Do! First you have to discover your OWN beauty. Beauty is not one right answer. It comes in all shapes & sizes so you first must embrace your own beauty! Once you find out the traits that make you stand apart of the crowd,define it and play it up! If you have killer cheek bones or a great smile rock it hard and make it your own. The last part is to simply do you! Be comfortable and do you.

Beauty ultimately is just inner confidence shining through on the outside, so once you understand that you are simply priceless your beauty will have no choice other than to beam across to everyone!

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