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I have a confession to make. When I decided to go natural it wasn’t about trying to stop exposing my body to so many chemicals. Nor was it about learning to embrace the way my hair grows out of my head. It wasn’t this great spiritual journey that I wanted to embark upon to be closer to God. It was about one thing – money. One day I was looking at my budget and I was trying to figure out some places that I could save money. The $150+ per month that I was spending on visits to the salon seemed like the perfect place to start. Now, if it weren’t for this trend of Black women going natural and embracing their natural hair, I may have never considered that an option, but I wasn’t getting into it for any of the profound reasons that a lot of people mentioned. I just needed to save some bread. Fueled by the idea of having some extra money in my pocket, I decided to begin my natural journey.

TV-300x225The transition period was a struggle because having hair with two completely different textures was a styling nightmare. Because I was having such a hard time, I didn’t really enjoy anything about it. Since I started with short hair and I’ve never really been afraid to cut my hair, I decided to just cut all of the permed hair off and dive right into being fully natural. That’s when everything changed. I was so surprised and impressed by the versatility of my hair that I was wondering why anyone ever got a perm in the first place. The more I got to know my hair, the more I loved it. I could swim, workout, and get caught in the rain without having to worry about it. Discovering something about myself and just loving it more and more as I got to know it has been an incredible experience. Because I am so happy with my hair, I want to nurture it and watch it become better and better.

I’ve had a similar experience with my writing. It’s something that I just recently started doing, but when I saw that I enjoyed it and that it’s a way for me to touch people, I began to love it even more. I want to do it more often and nurture the skill so that I can realize my full potential as a writer. As women, we often spend so much time fretting about the things that we don’t like about ourselves. We need to take a moment to find something that we do like and strive to make it better. The process can make you fall in love with yourself and who you have the potential to become. Every woman should know what it feels like to fall in love. Who better to start with than yourself?

-Tiffany Vicks

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