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Health/Beauty, Latest | by — December 1, 2020

Whew! This year has been a whirlwind that has shifted our mind, body + overall chill vibes when it comes to life.  Maryland-based college student, Jour’dan Haynes, drops her gems of how she stays grounded, protects her peace and elevates her wellness!

Let’s vibe out with Jojo…

This year has given us many surprises we weren’t expecting, whew! What are some of your go-to affirmations or quotes that you say to stay motivated?

The infamous year 2020 will never be forgotten. To get me through it, I remind myself daily of my mission despite the obstacles being thrown at us over the course of this year.

1. Continue saving money

2. Spend time with loved ones

3. Be about your grind! Prioritize your time!

4. Finally, every day at 11:11 I wish for everyone that I care about to be healthy, happy & successful.

What’s your spiritual morning routine? How do you unclutter your thoughts before you start your day? 

The first part of my morning routine begins with preparing a cup of tea, followed by cleansing the exterior of my body. I sage myself from head to toe, allowing the aroma to spread through my bedroom removing all negative energy and thoughts from my space and mind. Next, yoga to awaken and relax my muscles and meditation to center my mind. Then, a big glass of water, and depending on the severity of my stress levels I will take a warm bath.

I find that the best way to declutter my thoughts is making a to-do list. Accessing the most important things I need to get done by the end of the day.

Being a student + budgeting can be stressful! How do you still eat healthy on a budget? How does food affect your mood? 

Maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important when you’re a student. The workload can stress you out! The best way to not grab for the ramen noodle packs and candy bars is to consciously choose healthier alternatives that will still fulfill the craving. Instead of having ice cream, I will make a smoothie! Something that is healthy, equally delicious, and will curb my craving for sweets. Implementing these sorts of habits into my life I have seen a drastic change in my focus and mood.

The budgeting portion really comes naturally once you realize how much you save cooking at home or in your dorm. But treat yourself from time to time! Set up a reward system. For example, every two weeks if you completed your class assignments, studied hard for an exam, or just completed some personal goals, then you can take a day to eat out. This will motivate you so much more because you have something to look forward to that excites you after the hard work is done.

Why are manifestations important? 

It helps you get a clear understanding of your goals, and acts as a reminder for when things start to get hard.

Being a free spirit is a beautiful gift! How do you protect your peace + stay true to who you are?

Being a free spirt is about staying true to your “real” self. Once you understand yourself, you develop values, rules, and expectations to live by. The best way to protect your peace when you unlock such gift is to quickly remove anything that is not serving you for the better.

What type of music elevates your energy? Your go-to songs?

I am an old soul. R&B records from back in the day “hit different” how young adults my age would put it. LOL.  My favorite artist is Charlie Wilson! And Some of my go to songs are: For Real by Amel Larrieux, Off The Wall by Micheal Jackson, Angie Stone: Do what you gotta do, Corinne Bailey Rae: Put Your Records On, Even Closer by Goapele and Stephanie Mills, Love Like This Before. These songs stay, and I repeat, stay on repeat. They never fail to get me out of a funk.

Does moving your body + fitness impact how you feel?

Exercise really is a mood booster. Taking a walk, riding a bike, strength exercises really wake me up in the morning. I would advise at least working out for 30 mins a day. If you have not worked out in a while start light and just monitor to see if your experiencing any changes in your mood.

What words of wisdom would you like to leave with other girls creating who they want to be?

It’s not always going to be easy as Erykah Badu said “evolving involves eliminating!”

Be about your grind and prioritize your time! A personal quote of mine.

And something I heard recently “if one can do it you can too, if none have done it you can be one!” Stay true to yourself, be authentic, and trust your intuition. This way you will build the lifestyle you want and become the person you desire.

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