Ugh, Gym Class!

Gym class. I mean really, do we have to do all of this physical activity, in the middle of the day, and then go back to class like nothing happened? Something happened! It is written all over my hair. I’m sweaty and I smell like yuck! I need to shower, but the locker room gives me the heebie jeebies. It’s just a bit much… gym class. Ugh!  Who likes gym class?

Let’s be honest, not everyone is an athlete. We do not all wake up craving fitness. For those us who do not, gym class is probably the best option. Yes, it is happens during the most inopportune time of your day, but the physical activity is just what the doctor ordered.  Gym class allows you to be physically active while having fun with your peers. You get to laugh and talk to your classmates as you exercise your muscles and burn a few extra calories. It is recommended that teenage girls engage in at least an hour of physical activity every day. Being active in gym class is a great way to ensure you receive the suggested amounts of exercise.

What is a girl’s biggest fear… a bad hair day? Don’t allow a minute detail to determine whether or not you will participate in Heidigym class.  Come prepared.  Bring a hair bush, comb, ponytail holder, gel, hair spray, bobby pins… whatever you think you will need.  A hairstyle should have very little impact on your decision to participate in gym class and nurture a healthy lifestyle. Find hairstyles that are suitable for exercise. There is the infamous ponytail, two French braids are a hot trend this year, or even a high bun. All three (3) hairstyles are sleek and trendy, but will also see you through a good round of cardio and leave you with absolutely no fuss.

If you are uncomfortable taking a shower in your locker room, I understand. I advise packing baby wipes, rubbing alcohol, and a face towel in your gym bag.  All three (3) help remove the sweat and smell from your body. Pack extra clothes. Yoga pants are extremely comfortable after a good workout. Also, a good workout will generate a more active metabolism leaving you feeling hungry. Don’t grab that slice of pepperoni pizza! While we all fall victim to cravings from time-to-time, you don’t want to jeopardize the hard work and calories burned.  So, pack a snack and refreshing beverage for post gym class. The snack will keep your metabolism active and burning calories, while the beverage will refresh your body and keep you hydrated.

So what if gym class isn’t for you? No big deal! There are plenty of physical activities that encourage an active, healthy lifestyle and don’t require your enrollment in a gym class. It might take some time and research to find something suitable for yourself, but the time spent finding your niche is an investment is of invaluable return.  The idea is to be encouraged and discover a physical activity most beneficial for your personality.  The more enjoyable the activity, the greater chance you have at staying committed and holding yourself accountable. Daily exercise increases brain function and generates a natural flow of endorphins throughout the body, both of which lead to a very healthy and a very happy you. So, take control of your healthy and your happy by finding a daily dose physical activity. If you can’t decide what your daily dose will be, register for a gym class and stay active.

Until next time ladies, have peace, self-love, health and beauty.

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