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So you have your part time check and what’s on your mind? Let’s see…. shoes, car gas, movies , nail polish and those dope pair of jeans you saw last week. You say to yourself, “Well that’s about it! What else do I really need to put my money? I bought everything I want and even needed!”

Hmm well “Congrats!” on buying your weekly needs and even throwing in some of your wants but you receive a “F” in the class of saving. Sorry to break it to you, if you’re not putting money away for rainy days it’s going to take you awhile to get the passing grade. Yes, I know necessarily you feel like either there is no point of saving, you don’t make enough to save or even don’t have anything worth saving for in my life. Well I’m here to break it to you that “Saving” isn’t your worst friend or evil nemesis in actuality it’s your best friend in camouflage. Still think I’m lying?? Ok, here it goes…you made me do it….

Rainy Days– Yes, we would love to live in a perfect world where you know what would happen next but unfortunately we don’t (at least it keeps life exciting, right?). Anyways let’s jump back on track. So you never know what can happen and yes that includes unexpected expenses. I know looking at your checks you feel like you don’t have enough money to save, well you’re wrong. You do not have to put hundreds in the bank a week, just put what you can afford. Instead of agreeing on an amount of what you would save because your check changes every week, agree on a percentage. So let’s say every two weeks you put 10% of your check. Trust me…it adds up!

Swap Out!– Sometimes the best trick when it comes to savings it is to do the “ Swap Out.” You ask what the swap out is, well I’m so glad you asked! The swap out is when you look at the list at the things, places, and people you spend your money on and see what you can swap out for savings. So instead of your money buying new accessories take that money place it in your savings account. By you doing this you can save more money by just limiting yourself.

“You Can’t Touch This”– Just like MC Hammer said as he rocked the stage same goes with you and your savings account. As excited as you get by how much you are savings you have after couple of months, make sure you do not touch it. And if you do it has to be in emergency situations in which the savings were made for! Oh and let me get one thing clear the shoe sale at the boutique does not quite make the cut!! I know it may seem like self torture now but you will thank me for this later

-C.O.R.E Family

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