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Being a fly teenage has pressures that only one could imagine. Not only do you deal with the expectations from every adult in your life but also social pressures from others around you and yes that includes keeping up with the latest of everything. From technology to fashion, it’s as if the walls are closing in second by second to ensure yourself you stay current! Well, well do not pull out your hair stressing on how to save, that’s what we’


re here for! Check out some ways how you save and make that dollar stretch!

Company You Keep– Ok so you know how the say “watch the company you keep?” Well, you know it’s a true statement in regards shopping buddies as well. If you know that it’s difficult for you to say the word “no” when it comes to shopping, watch the shopping buddy who joins you. If your friend constantly is swiping left and right, she’s more than likely is going to want you do the same and this is where pressure comes into play when dealing with unnecessary spending. So the next time you going to shop for something specific bring a laid back friend or just hit the boutique by yourself. Sometimes shopping solo is the best way too! Less stress, less opinions and no pressures!

Weekend Fun??– Give yourself a weekend budget in order to not over spend. Sooo headed to the movies?? Have a pitch in meal before you go! The money you guys spend on individual snacks you could have a hefty feast between the 4 of you guys! So instead of spending 20 bucks you guys can have taco night for the whole night.Also as a new driver you’re just realizing why your mom would silently curse to herself each time she passes a gas station…because it is no where near cheap to drive! So instead of driving aimlessly around the city have a set map of your stops so you can cut down on gas money also

Refocus!! -Ok, I know the fact that your parents wouldn’t give you money to buy the $150.00 pair of shoes that everybody has made you feel like the end of the world is here. But I’m going to let you in on a little a secret…life goes on. I know your day to day let downs seem never ending and although you should live for today you should still plan for tomorrow as well. So even though it may seem like everybody else is keeping up on the latest trends, saving and setting money to the side is more fulfilling. So even though you may not have every latest thing, once you head off to college you will have enough money aside to not only easily pay for your books but to have a comfortable amount to live on and not scraping last minute. Just saying.


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