Challenge:1 Week = $20?


Finance, Latest | by — October 8, 2019

The Art Of Making Your Money Stretch should be a class taught in college. Skills like these will help you learn how to budget and will carry you through your “broke college student” years. When you are lucky enough to find yourself with a little extra money in your pocket, find a way to make it last. Below is a money diary we put together on how to make $20 last a week.

Monday: $4 Starbucks coffee, eat in the cafe for dinner.


Tuesday: Breakfast in the caf, Download a $0.99 study app, 2 packs of ramen 1.50 (see Ramen Remix)


Wednesday: $5 foot long for lunch, dinner in the café. Download a $0.99 study app!


Thursday: Breakfast & dinner in the cafe , face mask $4 #selfcare.


Friday: New lip gloss for the weekend $3!


Thank us, later!

~Tia Banks, Content Editor

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