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Meet Donshea Hopkins!

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When you UNLEASH your power, you light up the world  + actress/musical artist Donshea Hopkins is simply blazing bright! Not only does she play Raina St. Patrick on the hit Starz series POWER, she’s also letting her voice touch her fans through her beautiful vocals and empowering lyrics. Donshea Hopkins is making her mark across all platforms as an actress, singer, dancer, and model. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Donshea began her career as professional actress at the age of four and has since been on some of the biggest hit television shows including, Power, The Detour, Orange is the New Black, Nurse Jackie, Law & Order SVU, Sesame Street, “What Would You Do?”, Team Umizoomi, appearances in sketches on David Letterman, and an interview segment with Alyson Hannigan and Carson Daly on MTV’s TRL.  Donshea’s EP debut 3Point2 is available for digital download and streaming everywhere.  

Let’s get to know Donshea’s a little better…

Photo credit: @zxphilmz

You’ve starred in the biggest hit television shows including Power, The Detour, Orange is the New Black, Nurse Jackie, + Law & Order SVU just to name a few! What made you want to step into the acting world?
When I was younger whenever I saw kids on TV that were around my age, I would tell my mom that I wanted to do that. I started talking at nine months old, so when I would point to the television and tell her, she didn’t think much of it. She just thought that I wanted to do the ABC’s and 123’s since I was watching shows like  Sesame Street and Barney.

I was so persistent with wanting to become an actress that I would write my own scripts and commercials and perform them for my mom. On New Year’s Eve we have this tradition where we tell each other our goals and ambitions for the upcoming year. When I was 3 years old I asked her, “Why don’t you want me to be on tv?” And she said “It’s not that I don’t want you to be on tv, it’s that I don’t know what to do.” She began to tell me that when my birthday came around, she’ll figure out what to do and how to get me in the business. And the rest is history!

You’ve already accomplished so much at an young age! If you had to choose, what would be the biggest highlight in your blossoming career so far?
I’d say my music is definitely one of the biggest highlights in my career so far. Mostly because it’s my own project that I had complete control over, since I wrote/co-wrote and co-produced everything on my debut EP 3Point2. ( 3Point2 is available for download and streaming everywhere).

In your current role as Raina St. Patrick how was it to work with the cast of Power?
It’s one heck of a crazy exhilarating roller coaster ride, working with the cast of Power. Because everyone’s so different and unique and there styles and methods of acting are all so different that I learn something new every time I walk on set.

As you continue to travel on your amazing journey of dominating your craft, how do you deal with fame + being recognized? How do you stay grounded + focused?
I embrace it, because just how fast I got it, I can lose it. And I think it’s pretty freaking amazing  to be recognized for my work by fans. I’m just glad that my work has been memorable enough to be appreciated.To stay focused I start with the end in mind. I think about how hard I’m working and why I’m working hard, and then I think about how much my work is gonna pay off later. Whether that might be 5 months or 5 years, I know one day it’ll definitely pay off in a BIG way!

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What advice would you give girls who want to follow their dreams and passions but are nervous or intimidated?
You only get one life, so don’t be afraid to go after what you want.
And you’re not gonna get everything you want and that’s okay. Like for example if you go out on an audition and you don’t get it. Don’t be upset, because you got an amazing experience to audition for this company. And they might call you in for something else. Usually it’s not that they didn’t like you, you just didn’t fit the role or what they were looking for. So keep going and don’t be afraid!
Fear less, be FEARLESS!

We are all about empowerment, What does EMPOWERMENT mean to you?

Empowerment means taking pride in your culture and who you are. Empowerment also means lifting each other up and as people I feel like we tend to forget that sometimes. Instead of empowering each other we tear each other down. Which isn’t right, if we want to succeed in this world we must help each other in this weird thing we call life. Fighting has gotten us no where, but back to the beginning.

Time for  FAVES! Celeb Crush? Music artist? Food? Movie?
Justin Bieber. Halsey, Paramore, Justin (obviously) Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Selena Gomez, Melanie Martinez, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Florence + the Machine, Janine, Zendaya, and the list goes on! Popcorn/Vegan Sushi/ and anything with chocolate. The Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, The Professional, and Get Out.

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Donshea Hopkins




Meet Bianca Bethune!


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Hailing from New Jersey, Bianaca Bethune is a rising actress on her way to the top and not looking back! This talented actress  is currently featured on  the ABC Family smash-hit, “Switched at Birth.”

The fan-favorite drama tells the story of two families struggling to learn how to join together for the sake of their teenage girls who were accidentally switched at birth. Introduced during the Season 3 premiere, Bethune can be seen in on-going story arc as Sharee Gifford, a misfit teen, who is one of the hearing students forced to enroll at Carlton when her previous high school closes down. After Sharee goes up against Daphne (Katie Leclerc) in a series of incidents, she faces a few unforeseen consequences and ultimately realizes that things may not be so bad after all.

Bethune was raised in Keyport and attended Rutgers Preparatory School. This ambitious beauty landed her big break in the blockbuster sequel, “Bad Boys II,” appearing opposite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Since then, Bethune made her way to Hollywood and has added several network television shows to her resume, including “Criminal Minds,” “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Zoey 101.”

Let’s get to  know Bianca a little better!

SWITCHED AT BIRTH – “Fountain” – A false accusation tests Daphne’s already tenuous relationship with Sharee in an all new episode of “Switched at Birth,” airing Monday, January 27, 2014, at 8:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/Kelsey McNeal)

You’ve recently joined the hit ABC Family drama “Switched At Birth” and have appeared in “Bad Boys II,” “Criminal Minds,” “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Zoey 101! What made you want to step into the acting world?

I wanted to step into the acting world mainly because of my first passion which was dance. I used to dance for the New York Knicks, New York Liberty and New Jersey Nets. I loved the audiences’ energy when dancing during half time and I thought, “Hey if I could do this with movement, maybe I can do the same with my voice.” I started doing print and commercials, which then landed me my first movie audition “Bad Boys II.” As soon as I was done filming, I came back to New York and started taking acting classes with Susan Batson at Black Nexxus. She is a beautiful soul and has helped me over the years to really find my voice.

You’ve already accomplished so much at an young age! If you had to choose, what would be the biggest highlight in your blossoming career so far?

The biggest highlight of my career so far would have to be “Switched at Birth.” I’ve never had a recurring role on a one hour drama. The creator of the show Lizzy Weiss allows me to explore this character thoroughly and trusts my decisions as the character arc develops. I love the story and the message we are trying to portray to someone of a young age: you aren’t alone and you can always ask for help.


Being young and having responsibilities can sometimes get to be a bit overwhelming, how do you regroup and motivate yourself when you’re feeling a little defeated?

It’s true, sometimes I do feel overwhelmed. But to motivate myself, I read my daily scriptures. It keeps me aligned to my overall purpose and that these hard times are only temporary. I also take yoga and hike, it keeps my body toned while clearing my mind of the negative so that throughout the day I only attract the positive.

We tend to pull characteristics from others in our lives or from people we admire, who inspires you and why?

My inspiration comes from my family. I moved to California from New Jersey with my mother when I was 15 and it was hard to leave the life that I knew so well. I love to get calls from my cousins who are aspiring in their careers and hear all the great things that are happening in their lives. I’m so grateful for social media, it keeps us up to date and close when we live so far.


What advice would you give girls who want to follow their dreams and passions?

A dream is a thought, a thought if manifested long enough becomes an action. An action is the first step, so don’t be afraid to walk in purpose because no one can live your dream like you.

We are all about empowerment, What does EMPOWERMENT mean to you?

Empowerment to me means, the power of oneself to strengthen another which helps strengthen the world.

Time for the Faves! Celeb Crush? Artist? Food? Movie?

Ahahaha !! I love it. Celebrity crush would have to be Idris Elba. He is a chameleon with his work and I hope to one day work with him so I can learn a thing or two! My favorite artist would have to Mali Music. He is an amazing musician who speaks of trials that we can all relate to but being able to overcome and thrive. My favorite food would have to be sushi, I love the display and all the amazing flavors in just one bite. I don’t have a favorite movie but I love a movie
that will make me laugh.

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