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Anxiety? 3 Ways To Focus

Anxiety is an extremely common issue that affects many people. Once you’re triggered, it’s hard to get a grasp on your emotions. Academics can play a major role in causing anxiety because of the overwhelming pressure to succeed. It’s not easy to pay attention when classes are early in the morning, long, and sometimes boring. Even then, you still have to find your focus because you have to pass. Here are some tips for staying focused and getting through the semester.


Catch Some Z’s | Getting an adequate amount of sleep every night is so important to your academic success. When you get a full night’s rest, you’ll find yourself feeling more refreshed in the morning and able to have better focus. Save the late nights for the weekend! 

Remember This | A lot of times we stress ourselves out before the bad things happen. We are triggered at the thought that we might fail, when in reality, you are doing just fine. Remember not to stress until it’s actually needed.

Take A Break | Don’t be afraid to take a break—and lots of them. Over working yourself can make you feel drained and have a negative outcome on your grades. Taking a short break refreshes your mind allowing you to get back to work while being more focused.


~ Content Editor, Tia Banks