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Pricey Prom? False!

Between obsessing over PROMposals + trying to pull your brain back from functioning after spring break, when do you have time to save up for having the ultimate prom night? Well, we’re here to bring good news for your stress level and maybe your dwindling bank account. Rule of life: You never have to break the bank to look unforgettable + feel like a star! The major key is creativity. So, let’s dive into the ultimate prom hacks!


Swap + Switch-Have you ever heard a remix to a song and thought “this is completely better than the original song?” Well, it can be the same with your prom dresses and accessories. Call your girls (especially if you’re senior) and have an ultimate swap out between you + your crew. Now, it feels like a new dress to you. Plus, you have killer personal style so once you add your your special touch with hair + accessories it will be one-of-a-kind.


Spa Squad! – Let’s skip the expensive + excessive spa treatment of manis/pedis and just create your own spa squad. Instead of a stuffy spa that plays nothing but the ‘Best of Bach’ ,  create your own vibe. Get your playlist, snacks + most important you can now prep in your pjs while giving yourself an even better spa treatment.

Student Strands – Okay,  who knows the hottest trends other than someone who is actually part of our generation? Instead of throwing tons of money to someone who thinks finger waves are making a comeback, head to a cosmetology school where students know what’s hot or not. There’s always atleast one style student who is known to slaying strands. So cut down costs + look flawless!

You’ll thank us later!





Prom Crunch?

Prom season brings excitement but it can also drag its annoying friend stress along, especially when you wait until the last minute to hit the racks! Before you go in full on panic mode, check a few tips to keep your vibes chill during your last minute search!

Body Type- Work your body, move your body! Okay, well you’re around yourself enough to know your body type and how clothes fit especially when it comes to the dance floor. Pick something that’s flattering as well as comfortable when you pick your all-star dress.


Crew Love- Time to ring up the crew and bring in their votes. You should always have the ultimate vote of what you wear but sometimes it helps to filter out bad options when your girls chime in.


Tailor, Gang!- We all deserved tailored clothes, right? Absolutely! Don’t be afraid of alterations or feel like only 40 year old businesswomen get it done to their suits. Alterations are great to get the perfect fit to an off the rack dress!



Stay DOPE.