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Counting Coins?

Being dope + young has pressures that only one could imagine. Not only do you deal with the expectations from every adult in your life but also social pressures from others around you and yes that includes keeping up with the latest of everything. From technology to fashion, it’s as if the walls are closing in second by second to ensure yourself you stay current! To top it off, it doesn’t even help when your closest friends seem to be “balling” out of control and gets to use her parents credit cards as if there are absolutely no limits in the world. Well, I’m here to tell you that it does not matter how much money you have that matters but how resourceful you are with your funds. So it’s definitely okay for you to still have a fly life without having the most money. Trust me on this one. So let’s dig into how you can make your part time check work for you…


Company You Keep– Ok so you know how the say “watch the company you keep?” Well, you know it’s a true statement in regards to shopping buddies as well. If you know that it’s a difficult for you to say the word “no” when it comes to shopping, watch the shopping buddy who joins you. If your friend constantly is swiping left and right, she’s more than likely is going to want you do the same and this is where pressure comes into play when dealing with unnecessary spending. So the next time you going to shop for something specific bring a laid back friend or just hit the boutique by yourself. Sometimes shopping solo is the best way too! Less stress, less opinions and no pressures!



No Impulse Buys– So every time you head out to the stores set a plan before you head out the door. If you just need to buy a pair of jeans or a cd, that is what you should come back with. Or even if you give yourself a total amount that you’re going to spend, stick to the amount. This way you can have the freedom to buy what you want to and even indulge in that sale but still stick to the amount you want to spend. Trust me, the best feeling is going out shopping and coming back knowing you stuck to your budget and bought something you wanted! Score!



Refocus!! Ok, I know the fact that your parents wouldn’t give you money to but the $150.00 pair of shoes that everybody has makes you feel like the end of the world is here. But I’m going to let you end on a little a secret…life goes on. I know your day to day let downs seem never ending and although you should live for today you should still plan for tomorrow as well. So even though it may seem like everybody else is keeping up on the latest trends, saving and setting money to the side is more fulfilling. So even though you may not have every latest thing, once you head off to college you will have enough money aside to not only to easily pay for your books but have comfortable amount to live on and not scraping last minute. Just saying.

Remix Your Funds!


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Ok so we’re officially a couple of months in the new year and how are you doing with budgeting? I know money is something we all love to spend but hmmm maybe not so much manage. It’s a new year which means it’s time for you to turn over a new leaf. Here are a couple tips that will have you not just rockin’ a fly clutch but making sure it is full as well!

Vision Board– Just a little reminder. The best way to see and to reach a savings goal is to visually see it. So whatever you’re saving for cut out a picture and put it on your wall or bulletin board. This way you’ll be constantly reminded of why you need to save and much more careful of what you spend your money on.

Rainy Days– Yes, we would love to live in a perfect world where we know what would happen next but unfortunately we don’t (at least it keeps life tumblr_n00qlwYWp01rqwxroo1_500exciting, right?). Anyways let’s jump back on track. So you never know what can happen and yes that includes unexpected expenses. I know looking at your checks you feel like you don’t have enough money to save, well you’re wrong. You do not have to put hundreds in the bank a week, just put what you can afford. Instead of agreeing on an amount of what you would save because your check changes every week, agree on a percentage. So let’s say every two weeks you put 10% of your check. Trust me…it adds up!

“You Can’t Touch This”– Just like MC Hammer said as he rocked the stage same goes with you and your savings account. As excited as you get by how much you are savings you have after couple of months, make sure you do not touch it. And if you do it has to be in emergency situations in which the savings were made for! Oh and let me get one thing clear the shoe sale at the boutique does not quite make the cut!! I know it may seem like self torture now but you will thank me for this later

Score! It’s A Goal– Once you get in the habit of tracking what you spend (I promise it won’t seem like a chore after awhile) you can begin setting goals for yourself. You’ll begin to see and notice spending patterns you have within yourself. You can slowly begin to cut back on what you notice what you spend a lot of money on. And each week you should have atleast one goal. If it’s bringing your lunch or cutting back on your destinations to not go over your gas money, it will all help at the end.

-C.O.R.E Fam