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The Pursuit of “GOOD FOOD”

What is good food? Within the context, the group creates two arguments, healthy food which is defined as any natural foods believed to promote or sustain good health (or foods containing essential nutrients that are grown without the use of pesticides and has a low-sodium or fat content), good tasting food defined as

Brittney Grant of

Brittney Grant of

any savory food with a pleasant and fairly strong flavor (or food that is appetizing).

Both arguments are justifiable needless to say the paradigm within our food distribution system often times denies people in lower income communities the access to healthy high quality foods.

For decades, low-income communities have struggled with the lack of access to healthy, affordable food as many lack full-service grocery stores or farmer’s markets where residents have access to high-quality fruits, vegetables and whole-grains. Even with the recent rise of gentrification in many low-income neighborhoods, the quality of accessible healthy food has only merely improved. Many low-income neighborhoods remain stricken by unhealthy fast-food chains that serve high-cholesterol, nutrient–poor, foods at relatively low prices and with frequent consumption may lead to weight gain, lack of essential nutrients consumption, high cholesterol among many others.

When accessible, healthy food tends to be more expensive in terms of fiscal cost while foods containing added sugars and fats are generally inexpensive and more readily available in low-income communities. Even when healthy food is available, fresh produce including fruits vegetables, dairy and meat, it is often of the poorest quality.

In the pursuit of good food one must be willing to go the distance, whether it means traveling to neighborhoods outside of your own or shopping online to cut cost, all efforts are regarded in matters of sustaining a healthier life. Most importantly you must be willing to pay more for quality food, “good food”.







Although the most expensive on the list Whole Foods Market has some of the finest natural and organic foods available as it maintains one of the strictest quality standards in the industry. It’s wide variety of organic produce, large selection of locally grown food and products in addition to sustainable agriculture makes Whole Foods a lead contender of places to shop for “good food”.

TRADER JOE’S- (1,2,4)

Trader Joe’s is the most widely used place to shop for healthy food, as it is arguably the most affordable in terms of monetary cost. Trader Joe’s does an excellent job at providing great food at great prices. It offers a variety of products including gourmet foods, organic foods, vegetarian foods, frozen foods, imported wine and beer among many others, 80% of which bear one of its own brand names.


Although solely available online, Thrive Market has qualities of both whole foods and trader joe’s. Thrive Market is the first socially conscious online store offering the world’s best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. Carrying over 2,500 of the highest quality food, supplements, home, personal care, and beauty products from over 400 of the best brands on the market at 25-50% off regular retail prices, Thrive Market is definitely one of best places to shop for “good food” at super affordable prices.

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FARMER’S MARKET- (1,2,3,4)

The Farmer’s Market is the best place to get sustainable, locally – grown, organic produce. In addition to providing high quality natural and organic produce, shopping at your local farmer’s market helps. Support community agriculture and local business.

Check out to find local farmer’s market locations in NYC.

In search of any additional organic food markets in your neighborhood? Check out ‘The Ultimate List of Organic Stores” for yummy + nutritious food from


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Meet Brittney Grant!

Living life to the fullest is what we thrive to do and with helpful hints sprinkled along the way it  makes the journey so much sweeter! Brittney Grant is the creator of who shares her vibrant spirit of loving and creating. Her goal is to continue to inspire and help individuals in their everyday lives through her knowledge and personal experience. Healthy Lifestyle and Beauty Enthusiast with years of first hand experience, she empowers you and throws some of  her simple, easy and affordable life hacks your way too!

“Remember, no one can take care of you like you can take care of you, so please take care! A Happy, Healthy life is the best life.” – Brittney Grant,

Let’s get to know Brittney a little better…


You’re a fly lifestyle blogger hailing from Brooklyn, NY! What made you want to blog about health and beauty?

I’ve always been passionate about Health and Beauty! Growing up, health was an important part of my childhood, my family stressed the importance of “Good Food” and the effect it had on our bodies and overall health; my parents made an effort to ensure that my diet was rich in fruits, vegetables, home-cooked meals and healthy lifestyle practices. I was probably the only kid in my junior high school who knew what a green smoothie was!

Blogging is a great outlet to share your journey, how does your site allow you to express yourself and your dreams? has allowed me to share my love for Beauty, Fashion, Food, Photography and Graphic Design in a way that has allowed me to inspire and help others in their everyday lives.


Health is sometimes a topic that is overlooked in the black community, why was it important to blog on your healthy lifestyle?

That’s just it, health is sometimes a topic that is overlooked in the black community and I am on a mission to change that through my blog. mission is to demonstrate that you don’t have to be a specific race, age, be an expert or make a certain amount of money to make health conscious decisions. My simple, easy, and affordable tips, inspires and helps others in their everyday lives.

Being young and having responsibilities can sometimes get a bit overwhelming, how do you motivate yourself when you’re feeling a little defeated?

I am naturally an over-zealous perfectionist but in times when I need a little motivation I tell myself that “ I want to rule my destiny”…. so much so that nothing and no one should stand in my way. I accept and understand that there will be obstacles, but they are only there to make the journey more worthwhile.


We tend to pull characteristics from people we admire, who inspires you and why?

My Mom may no longer be here physically but her spirit and life has taught me the importance of Love and Dedication. Her commitment to being a Mom and a role model has helped me through the most difficult times in my life thus far.

We are all about empowerment, what does empowerment mean to you?

To empower is to encourage, inspire and motivate a group of people or a cause. Empowerment enables one to outstrip their sense of powerlessness and lack of control bringing forth self-confidence and change.

Time for faves! Celeb Crush? Artists? Food? Movie?


ARTIST – Bob Marley

FOOD – Avocado Toast

MOVIE – Love Jones

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