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Hair Code: Esther


Health/Beauty, Latest | by — January 11, 2023

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Unlock the hair code of Michigan-based beauty, Esther!

What’s your name + where are you from?

My name is Esther Rehema. My family and I immigrated from Tanzania to the United States in 2007. We moved around from Maryland to Colorado the summer I was going into fourth grade. Now, I live in Michigan. 

Braids, faux locs, natural, extensions, wigs, Bantu knots ~ so many choices! What makes you love the versatility of your hair? 

 Creativity. I always feel so confident every time I change my hair. 

What does your hair mean to you? What does it say about you?

 My hair is another way I can showcase my creativity. When I first cut my hair at the beginning of the year it changed the way that I viewed my hair and myself in such a positive way, plus hair doesn’t define who I am. I felt so confident in my short hair and it brought out my facial features more. I also love how versatile box braids can be. When I did copper box braids I received so many compliments on how the color compliments my complexion, and who doesn’t love receiving compliments?

Do you rock certain styles during certain seasons? Do different hairstyles bring out different sides of your personality?

Throughout different seasons, I find I am able to express my creativity more through protective styles. Every time I unlock a new hairstyle I feel as though I gain a new level of confidence. 

Fill In The Blank: “Good hair days make me feel________”

Good hair days make me feel astonishingly beautiful. 

What’s one product or hair accessory you can’t live without? 

 Definitely a wide toothcomb!

What advice would you give to someone who is nervous to try a new style or look?

Life is too short to limit yourself to one hairstyle! Switch it up and allow yourself to try the multitude of styles available.

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