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Style is showing who you are with out having to speak! Name your top 3 trends you’re feeling this season?
I don’t really wear or follow trends all that often because I find that most of the time it doesn’t align with my own personal style. Also, most of the time I find that I’m not cool enough to pull the trends off, lol. But this season I have to say that romantic silhouettes like ruffles, puffy sleaves and frills have been all the rage for me. I also really love the emphasis on masculine tailoring and the 50’s and 60’s throwbacks that I’ve been seeing in stores.

If you had 30 seconds to grab your 3 favorite style pieces, what would they be?
If I only had 30 seconds to grab 3 of my favorite pieces, I would have to grab my vintage check high-waisted ciggerette trousers, my blue leather moto jacket and a crisp white button down.

Style inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate fashion icon + why?
My fashion icon is a toss up between Rihanna and Victoria Beckham. One I love Rihanna because she is so bold when it comes to her style and she has no problem oozing straight sex and overt femininity. And two I love Victoria Beckham because she has found the perfect way to balance female elegance in an often masculine persona and attitude, all while making it sexy.

Getting ready in the morning can be fun but stressful if you’re in a time crunch, what’s your go-to look if you’re in a rush?
I usually go for a pair of loose fit jeans(vintage or boyfriend cut), a button down shirt, jacket and white sneakers. I’m always wearing my masculine gold watch and layered necklaces and if its cold I switch the shirt for a large chunky knit sweater.

What’s your number 1 rule when it comes to style?
My number one rule has to be that if it doesn’t feel right then it’s probably not going to look right. When you’re insecure in your outfit it shows, so I make it a rule to trust my instincts.

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