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So you have a sickness. You haven’t admit it to anyone and the doctor says no matter how much antibiotics you take or sleep you get, they can’t patch you up. Ok here it goes, for some reason every time money touches your hand it disappears in  less than 5 seconds! As soon as you reach out to receive it you already know that it’s going to vanish within the next 24 hours.  So you need to find a cure asap! Because trying to save for the prom dress you spotted 2 weeks ago, your allowance and part time gig are just not cutting it like it used to. Here are a few key ways to stretch that dollar bill!

Food– Yes, every type of fast food joint is just “oh so conveniently” placed right around your school. So picking up a breakfast sandwich or smashing a Whopper is as easy as 1, 2, 3! But as quick as you are to pull out your wallet to pick up the addictive but unhealthy foods, have you been just as quick to add how much you spend in a week or even a month on food?? I know you love running away from the truth… but it will set you free! You already know what I’m going to say. Instead of constantly swiping your card try carrying snacks you can throw in your bag. Munch on healthy snacks throughout the day so not only you save money but then you’re not scarfing down the closest big mac in hands reach when you get a chance. So you can’t cut cold turkey?? Ok so make it a treat!  Maybe just treat your self on Fridays until you ween yourself off completely.

Clothing– Clothes are a slice piece of heaven for you. You love everything about fashion and style so you feel like that’s where should your money go, right?? Wrong! You can still scream “style icon” on a budget! You can give yourself mini shopping sprees and not come up broke. So thrifting is one of our faves ways to get unique clothing on a budget. But even if “thrifting” is not your thing all your fave boutiques and stores have great sales atleast a couple of times a year! So I know that getting tons of emails can some what be annoying but they may be you ticket to saving you a good amount of money a month. The next time you shop make sure you receive their email blasts so you can hold out your shopping spree until it hits.

EntertainmentGive yourself a weekend budget in order to not over spend. Headed to the movies?? Have a ‘pitch in’ meal before you go! The money you guys spend on individual snacks you could have a hefty feast between the 4 of you guys! Instead of spending 20 bucks you guys can have taco night for the whole night. Also as a new driver you’re just realizing why your mom would silently curse to herself each time she passes a gas station…because it is nowhere near cheap to drive! So instead of driving aimlessly around the city have a set map of your stops so you can cut down on gas money also.

Well it’s better to learn it now then being old and unfabulous, right??


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