Sk8ter Girl x Golfwang

Brighten up your closet with a dose of chill and a dash of cool with Tyler, The Creator’s latest fashion line, Golfwang. His skater life streetwear lets you be comfy while still having a dope spin of style. The artist introduced his flavorful collection mid June of 2016. Since creating his own lane of music his eccentric fashion follows in his visual pieces. The entire collection includes pants, shorts, accessories and overalls. The prices range from from $12 socks to $100 outerwear. All of the pieces were drawn and designed by Tyler himself.


Some pieces may be a little pricey before heading off to college but treat yourself to a statement piece before you hit the campus.

Check it out!

roundglassGolf Sunglasses- Round Yellow

buttonCheetah Button Up


Golf Le Fluer Dad Hat Pink

pinker4Moleskine Pink/White

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