Self-Care For Your Coins!


Finance, Latest | by — May 1, 2019

Summer is finally here and we’re ready to live our best lives! We’re ready for the late nights, beach days, cookouts, etc. The catch is that we’re also trying to mind our wallets. Just because summer is here doesn’t mean that we need to let go of our budgeting tactics. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the next few months without blowing through your savings and here’s how:


Skip the Coffee Shop

We know you’re a regular at your local Starbucks, but it’s time to go on a hiatus this summer. Switch out your favorite Starbucks order and opt for water, the best form of hydration. Make it fancy, add some fruit and mint leaves! It tastes amazing, and your skin will benefit from it too!


Get Your Own Glow

Body Lava is going to be a big thing this summer. Everyone wants to glow and sparkle while out in the sun. You can easily make your own by adding your favorite highlight to a bottle of baby oil. Shake and you’re done!



It happens so often where your friends all want to take a group vacation, but everyone is broke. It’s the worst. Try a staycation, which is a vacation that doesn’t require any traveling and can happen at your house. Facemasks and mocktails poolside or chill sleepover are both great ideas.



Tia Banks, Content Editor


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