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Daily Blog, Latest | by — September 15, 2020

Quarantine Playlist! What’s On Repeat?

By Lynara Richards

Being quarantined is a new expereince for this generation. Adjusting to doing everything at home on electronic devices isn’t easy and can be beyond stressful. During this time music has been a great tool for staying sane!


Personally, I don’t listen to one genre of music and my musical taste is all over the place. I like old school, new school, hip hop, pop, soca, basically everything. I’ve been listening to a lot of Burna Boy, ChloexHalle, Harry Styles, etc, and their music really keeps me together. 

When I’m calm and just want to relax Sunflower, Vol 6 by Harry Styles is it for me. This song is upbeat but calm and just gives you summer beach vibes without the sand in uncomfortable places. 

All we got (feat. Kanye West & Chicago Children’s Choir) by Chance the Rapper gives you the bass and trumpets that makes you put it on  blast for an upbeat feeling. Since we’re on more upbeat songs This Side (feat. YG) by Burna Boy gives you the Caribbean/afrobeat vibe. 

For more recent album release ChloexHalle has been on repeat! This album deals with relationship issues, but in a BOSS way of moving on to better things.

Lynara Richards

My personal favorites are Forgive Me,Babygirl, Ungodly Hour, and ROYL. Forgive me gives you the boss vibes + we’re moving on to better things. Babygirl gives you the message to remember who you are no matter what and stay your truest self. Ungodly Hour is more or less advice. There is a message of not falling for nonsense and knowing your worth. ROYL is the last song on the album. ROYL tells you to live your life, go out, and take risks while you’re young. The whole album is filled with beautiful vocals and gets stuck in your head.

All of these songs give you different feelings. These songs have allowed me to relax and even feel better when I was having a bad day. These artists have other great songs, but these are the ones that have been on repeat for literally all of quarantine. There are other great songs out there that can make you feel better like these did for me.

Hope these put a smile on your face and put a beat in your heart. Go and find your artist, genre, and happy songs!

~ By Lynara Ruchards

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