More Than A Bad Day

As you wake up in the morning the only action you are motivated to do is go back to sleep and try to ignore the world. Day after day you feel worse than the day before. You wake up and just go through the actions of life but not a single moment you enjoy. You almost feel as if the entire world is closing in on you and no one understands you. When you mention it to parents or any other adult they shrug it off as normal “teen years syndrome.”

In actuality hundreds of teens suffer from Teen Depression every year. The sad part is that many people do not take it seriously until it’s too late and they have already taken their own life. From bullying to family issues to peer pressure, these all can be causes that may lead to teen depression.

Check out this vid of identify different symptoms and causes If you or a friend may be suffering from depression do not ignore it.


Please contact Teen Health Hotline if you or a friend is suffering from depression —->HERE


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