Crew Link-Up For Under $30?


Finance, Latest | by — November 17, 2021

Money may be tight but that won’t stop girls night. Hanging with the girls doesn’t always have to break the bank. There are plenty of options for getting together with the crew on a budget. Here are three ideas under $30 to help you get started. 


Potluck Movie Night

Movie nights will always be a budget friendly fan favorite. Spice things up by choosing a theme (like color) that everyone can dress according to. In addition, everyone will be responsible for bringing a dish. You could also take the easy way out and have everyone throw in $5 for pizza!


While bowling may sit at the top of your $30 budget, it won’t go over if you choose the right place. This is a fun and competitive activity that you and your girl group will enjoy doing together. Don’t forget your socks!


The great outdoors is always free! And plus you’re never too old to grab a sled and live your best life. Even more important getting to show off your cute snowsuit is always a major plus. Just saying! Snap a cute photo or jump on  live in the moment and enjoy the view with your crew.


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