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Feature, Latest | by — March 25, 2013


Name: Kelly Hernandez

Age:  12

City: Nashville

Grade: 7th

What is your dream job and why?   

My dream job is  to be an Artist.  I really love creating!

Which hobbies do you enjoy?     

My favorite hobbies are painting & reading.

Who is your biggest crush?   

Tyler Perry

What’s your favorite song to jam to right now?   

    “Oath” by Cher Lloyd

If you could change one thing about the world, what would that be? 

  If I could change one thing in the worl

What does empowerment mean to you?     

Empowerment means believing yourself & being true to yourself.

What are your plans after high school?           

My plans are to attend Vanderbilt University!

How have your helped someone in your life lately?   

I listen and try to give solutions

Who is your role model and why?    

  I’m still in search of my role model.

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