Beauty Diary x Nia!

Scroll through the Beauty Diary of College Blogger + Youtuber, Nia!

What’s your name + city you live in?
My name is Nia Lackland, but I go by “KeepingUpWithNi”. I currently attend Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA… however, I live in Chicago part time.

Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin + having fun! What are 2 beauty trends you’re loving this year?
I am really loving the beauty trends of this year! This year has been all about embracing your natural beauty. I love the trend of natural eyebrows rather than the “ombre” eyebrows that were popular in the recent past. Also, I love the inner eye glow with gold eyeshadow or highlighter. It just brightens up and brings more attention to your eyes.

If you had only 15 seconds to grab 3 beauty products, what would they be?
OMG! I would definitely grab foundation, concealer and natural hair curling cream! I just think these are the basic essentials for a cute quick look.

Beauty inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate beauty icon + why?
My ultimate beauty icon has to be Alissa Ashley. Alissa is so relatable and humble. I truly enjoy watching her videos and being able to follow her journey as she expands her brand. I love the fact that Alissa stresses that she is a regular person but she also knows her value.

Getting ready for class can be fun but stressful if you’re in a time crunch, what’s one beauty must-have that lives in your bag?
My beauty must-have is definitely lip gloss. I CANNOT leave my house without my lip gloss, it just makes me feel pretty.

What’s your number 1 beauty rule?
My number 1 beauty rule is literally one word, versatility. I love to switch things up and try new styles. I try not to wear the same style for a long time. Otherwise, I would get bored and tired of my look.

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