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What’s your name + city you live in?

My name is LaQuin Simmons + I’m from the Philadelphia area.

Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin + having fun! What are 2 beauty trends you’re loving this year?

I don’t really follow beauty trends but two that I love and use are natural/boy beat and lip gloss.

If you had only 15 seconds to grab 3 beauty products, what would they be?

Colourpop Alissa Ashley gloss, nyx HD concealer and Pacifica dream big mascara are the ones I’m snatching on my way out.

Beauty inspo is everything! Who’s your ultimate beauty icon + why?

I can’t say really choose between Zendaya and YouTube Alissa Ashley. They really show the two parts of me the natural side and then the more glam side.

Getting ready for class can be fun but stressful if you’re in a time crunch, what’s one beauty must-have that lives in your bag?

My concealer has to be in my bag because I don’t really get much sleep in the first place.

What’s your number 1 beauty rule?

The only real rule I follow is what you put into your body is important, so eating right is gonna help make my skin and hair healthier.

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