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Speak Out!

Good Morning  Ladies!

An African American eighth grader from Rochester, NY  was recently condemned by teachers and faculties due to her bold essay based off  The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. In the essay the 13 year old compares slavery to today’s education system and how it relates  to African American students. She expresses that Caucasian teachers do not bridge the gap when it comes to students of color and do not care if students actually comprehend the information given to them.

Jada  states that nothing has really changed since slavery; “the same old discrimination still resides in the hearts of the white man.”

Jada states , “Start making these white teachers accountable for instructing you’ and challenged teachers to do their jobs.What merit is there? If teachers have knowledge and are ‘not willing to share because of the color of my skin?’

The young lady’s essay angered teachers and administrators at her school to the point they launched a campaign of harassment against the student. Even though many teachers disagreed wit the essay, the conservative Frederick Douglass Foundation  presented her with a special award. They say that she was actually one of the few students who ‘actually demonstrates that she understood the autobiography.’

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So Ladies! Do you feel as if her essay was true when it comes to the classroom?

Speak  Out!

-C.O.R.E Fam

Speak Out!


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Hi Fly Ladies!

Have you ever been in class and you felt like the teacher crossed the line when trying to prove a point? Well, many felt like Lincoln Brown did when talking to his class. Brown  is a Caucasion teacher in Chicgao who used the n-word in front of his sixth grade students. He was recently suspeneded from Murray Language Academy for five dyas due to his inappropraite language.

Brown suggests that he used the word to teach a lesson to the students and wanted to open up a discussion on racism in America. When using the word the school principal overheard him and strongly disagreed with his teaching techniques.The principal believed using verbally abusive language to or in front of students  is cruel and unacceptable.

Brown says he was triggered to use the word when he caught a student passing a note with a rap lyric that refers to another student using the n-word. He took this as an opportunity to get students thinking about how influential words and stereotypes can be in society.

He says that the accusation is damaging to his reputation as an educator and “cannot be a part of who people think [he is].”Brown has now filed a federal lawsuit against the school district, alleging that this suspension violates his first and fifth amendment rights.

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Do you think he was wrong fro using that word?

So Girls, have you ever felt like a teacher has ever crossed line in your classroom?

Speak Out!