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Flip Your Locker!


So back-to-school season is here and you’re already over your classes? Yeah, we understand but remember the better you do now the less stress you’ll be at the end of the year. So here are a few locker pick-me-ups that can turn your book storage into a safe haven. And remind you that you’re unstoppable even after cringing through your 1st period of pre-cal. Oh and did we mention you don’t have to break your bank! All items are less than $10!

Locker Mirror  – $9.99

So lesson number 1 in life, you should always be your biggest fan! Get a glimpse of your fresh smile and remind yourself to be unstoppable when you make your locker pit stop.

Magnets – $6.12

What’s better than cute magnets? Umm cute magnets that remind you of how freakin’ dope you are each + everyday!

Wallpaper – $7.99

The backdrop of a locker can be the number 1 ingredient to wanting to drop your books and literally walk out of the school each morning. So put your twist on it. Remember, you can create a life that you love and it starts with even the little things.


Dry Erase Boards -$4.99

Ok, with classes, assignments and topics for the debate team, a to-do list will be your bff this year. Use a white board to write your daily tasks. The best feeling in the world is to slash through completed tasks. Trust us, you’ll soon be addicted to the feeling.

Plug me up!-$9.50

Yeah, yeah we know you have to stay connected.  So don’t forget your USB cord. We’re sure you have atleast 3 but keep one in your locker just for back up. You never know when you might see the danger sign of “your battery has reached less than 15%” in life. The horror.


Stay COOL!

All good things come in threes! Well, atleast that’s the way it’s coming your way for the perfect summer kit to keep you cool + calm this summer! Yes, it’s true the new semester is creeping right around the corner but don’t sweat. We have the perfect treats to keep your stress down and your health + beauty up while you’re getting your back-to-school list in gear!

Let’s take a peek!


So what’s better than a refreshing drink that your taste buds love and is actually healthy for you? INVO Coconut Water is what you need to pack your fridge with this summer to get your brain cells flowing for a new school year! INVO is packed with 5-essential electrolytes that restores hydration. It is low in sugar, fat free and has as much potassium as one banana. Low in sugar and 99% fat-free, coconut water lets you enjoy the taste of the tropics without the guilt. Sip this treat as you’re walking across campus to ease the pain of your 8 am class! Get more of the scoop on INVO!


Long day? Need a spa break in between your study breaks? Pick up your peace in a cute package. Take 20 minutes, kick up your feet and give your skin the gift of glow with Miss Spa’s Sheet Mask! The silky pre-treated sheet masks helps purify and rejuvenate skin, leaving it looking + feeling refreshed. Perfect for all skin types, especially for dull, tired looking skin. Pick them up at your local Target HERE!


You may be an angel but your nails are allowed to be a devilish! Sinful Colors Nail Polish kicks up your personal style adding a sense of flair to your entire look. Even if you have to rock a uniform at school share your flavor with pops of colors.  Check out hues here! Sinful Colors

You’ll Thank Us Later!

Back To School Tips

Gasp… It’s here! After a full summer of camps, late nights and chill days, school has finally stuck it’s head out to say hello. Well, do not fret too much. Just take a moment to look at the positive. Not only are you in a grade higher but it’s a fresh start to improve on your self too! Your school year does not have to be stressful with a little bit of organization. When your locker, room and study area is always messy it is a reflection of your thoughts which means stress can come creeping up  any moment!

So take a couple of minutes to check out a couple of back to school organization tips that will help you this year!