It’s Official, Now What?


Relationships, Latest | by — May 18, 2016

It’s official. Last week you and your previous crush went from “talking” to boyfriend/girlfriend status. Being extremely excited you feel like you’re walking on a cloud because he just seems too good too be true! After news starting to buzz around school that you two that are officially an item, your excitement pretty much turns to nervousness. You’re even confused with your emotions. You’re telling yourself that these should be the happiest moments of your life because you’re officially in a relationship with a guy who you’ve been crushing on for the longest. You soon realize all your nervousness and worry is coming from the fact you feel “obligated” to act a certain way. Since you have an official title you feel like you have to either start acting different or outside your character, which is completely no true! Let’s see if we shake your nerves and remind you that being you is all you have to do…

Friends First!– Yeah, yeah, yeah I know the sacred “title” sounds nice to say. Hey you simply love the fact of replacing his name to your “boyfriend,” I completely get it. But even though you guys have new names for each other you two are still friends. A relationship is a strong friendship where you two are completely comfortable with each other you just happened to think one another are cute! Which means nothing should change if it does not feel comfortable. You don’t have to necessarily walk every hall holding hands and playing kissy face in the corner. It should definitely still be fun feel between the two. The problem becomes when people lose the fact why they even like being around each other in the first place. Crack jokes, laugh, talk and just be you!


Keep Crowd on the Sidelines– “You guys should do…” “What do you mean you guys haven’t done” or my favorite “If I was you, I would…” Yes ALL the comments you will hear from friends that are a little nosey in your business. Even though you love your home girls, sometimes it’s best to step back and listen to your own voice. You should never feel pressured from your boyfriend or even your friends. A lot of times they aren’t secure in the advice they are giving, which would lead you in a situation you may not want to be in. When in doubt take a moment and ask yourself do you feel comfortable in a particular situation. Trust me, if you listen long enough you will hear an answer.

A Different World

A Different World

It’s all About YOU- Being in a relationship is both fun and you can also learn a lot. Just remember you’re still a teen though! I’m sure your parents tell you this all the time but it is true, you have your entire life in front of you. Do not allow a relationship dominate your entire life. Once it stops becoming enjoyable and light-hearted, it’s time to exit stage left. You’ll have plenty of time to grow with someone but take advantage of young age to embrace life and all it has to offer!


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