Selfie Queen!

Snap, snap, snap!  You’re always taking pics for your Instagram, Tumblr and any other social media outlets where your friends can show a glimpse of your life. Even though you take what may seem atleast a million pics a week, you don’t always love how you look in them. It takes you atleast 25 minutes to pick a photo that you feel the most “pretty” in + hit publish. From your eyes to complexion to body type, we all have some characteristics that we struggle with in learning how to accept of our personal and unique beauty. Wishing you could pick and choose the features is a thought that can run through your mind one too many times! Trust us,  you wouldn’t be as dope  if you didn’t have those full eyebrows or defined cheekbones! Soooo check out some ways to embrace your beauty.



Don’t Hide It– So the first step to achieve your confidence is simply accepting and embracing all your characteristics. Don’t try to hide or try to cover up your traits but embrace them. Learn how to accent them instead of making them disappear. You would be surprised to know that the traits that you feel most self conscious about are the ones that others admire. If you have strong cheekbones or full lips wear them well! Find a color that makes your features command the attention in the room.



Hmm Beauty Icon– So sometimes its easier to feel comfortable in your skin if you see someone else embracing similar traits as well. The beautiful thing is that there are tons of women with different hair textures, sizes,  features etc. Collect images of women who have characteristics and make a collage. Don’t do this because you want to duplicate them but it will give you a push of how to unleash your personal characteristics.



It’s mine! Own It!– Yes! Confidence is the reason why people are simply head turning! No matter what they are wearing they look gorgeous because they know they are beautiful both inside and out. It’s simply the fact of looking inward and learning to wear your confidence and loving it! People can point out an insecure or unsure person a mile away. The moment you command love and respect from yourself others will follow suit!

own it


Stay dope!


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