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Slay Your Braids!

Looking for a dope new hairstyle to rock this fall? Well, braids are always in and we know the girl who can design a unique braiding pattern for you. Based in the New Jersey and New York City area, Kassandra Stafford is a hairstylist known for her creative braiding artistry. She started her own hair business, GetSlayedByKass, at the age of 18 and her craftsmanship as well as her clientele has heightened since then. Working with major influencers like beauty blogger Isabel Bedoya and social media maven Aggyabby, Kassandra has begun to put herself on the map.

Let’s get to know Kassandra a little better…

Who or what inspired you to start braiding hair?

I’ve been braiding hair since I was about 14. I’ve always liked the versatility of having so many styles with natural hair or adding extensions. When it comes to hair, options are endless. Braiding gave me a chance to not only express myself but to teach myself a skill that is now in high demand. I practiced until I perfected it. And naturally, like most hobbies, once you see you’re getting good at something, it motivates you to want more out of yourself. I asked myself, “What can I do to take my skills to the next level?” That’s when I developed some of my own techniques that helped me become a faster, neater and more creative braider at the same time.

What makes your braiding styles stand out from other styles?

I would say my parting designs. The cleaner the part, the neater the design looks.


Where do you see your business in the next five years?

BOOMING! I really want to travel out of state and have clients in different places. Expanding my brand is important to me and I noticed that my followers are from various places. So I’d like to be able to provide services all over the world. That’s one of my major goals.

We all have tough days when we’re feeling down. What motivates you to stay positive?

Honestly, art. To be given the ability to create amazing things for people and put smiles on people’s faces tops it all. I’ve really learned how to exercise my skill and use it to my advantage. So I guess you can say that the dedication of doing something that I love keeps me motivated.


We are all about EMPOWERMENT. What does empowerment mean to you?

Right now, working as an independent, self taught hair stylist makes me feel empowered. When I started my journey in branding and promoting @GetSlayedByKass, that is when reality started to hit me. Since December of 2016 when I opened my business page on Instagram, I’ve been able to establish good relationships in the beauty industry with well-known brands and social media influencers all because people are interested in my work. Whenever I receive positive feedback on my work, it makes me feel like the work I’m putting in is worth it. That makes me feel confident, nonetheless proud.


Time for Faves! Celeb crush? Artist? Food? Movie?

My celebrity crush would have to be Chris Brown. He’s an all around great entertainer. Love him!

Artist? I’d say right now I’m really feeling SZA. She gives me that 90’s vibe sometimes. I really like how soulful her songs are.

Food? It would have to be rice and beans with green olives. I could probably eat that everyday.
Movie? My all time favorite movie is Selena with the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen it, laughed and cried. It’ll never get old.

Check out more of Kassandra below:

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Interview by Tia Banks